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Turtle – what is it, who needs it and when?

The turtle is one of the main items of equipment. We mentioned her in articles:

Now is the time to take a closer look at the turtle.

What is a motor turtle?

In short, this is a mesh-based shield protection. Shields cover the most vulnerable parts of the human torso. Particular attention is paid to the spinal column. The shield should exactly follow the curve of the spine. For greater convenience, almost all modern designs are hinged. Shields also cover the chest, shoulders and elbows.

All protruding parts of the body that may suffer from a fall must be preserved by the turtle. The hinge system saves the joints from twisting them against the anatomical capabilities of the human body and kink shocks.

So that the flaps do not lose their place during riding and even more so when falling, they are connected with a mesh fabric, the stitching at the joints of which is reinforced, preventing breaks.

The turtle is fixed on the body with additional straps and a belt at the waist. It must fit snugly to the body in order to fulfill its functions in a stalemate. And most importantly, do not twist around its axis and not bully while sliding on the asphalt.

Mesh synthetic jacket with chic ventilation. This is both a plus and a minus at the same time. The mesh base does not keep warm, does not protect from rain. We have to make allowances for the weather.

Who needs a motor turtle?

Turtles differ in materials and completeness of protection. They are usually divided into urban models and turtles for motocross. And all because they are an equally good solution for an urban motorcyclist, as well as for fans of sports trends. Among athletes, they are especially popular with adherents of an active sport: motocross, enduro, stunt riding.

As a protective piece of equipment, it is suitable not only for motorcycle pilots, but also for their passengers. Few people carry a turtle with them for a passenger, to be honest, only for their relatives who are constantly traveling in the back seat, in other cases – almost no one. But this does not negate the possibility of acquiring a turtle for a favorite passenger.

When is a turtle needed?

The maximum interest in the turtle appears in the summer. When it’s too hot to wear a jacket, a turtle comes to the rescue instead. The jacket can be carried with you in case of cold weather or rain.

If you remove the protective inserts from the jacket and wear the jacket over the turtle, the level of protection will not be affected. The role of the inserts will be taken by the turtle. A good plan for driving in cool weather or off-season.

Athletes have long been combining turtle with jersey. This method is also suitable for townspeople. Ventilation will remain at a decent level. It is wise to use jersey. Its material and cut are meant for riding a motorcycle, as opposed to plain civilian jerseys in which motorcyclists ride without protection.

Turtles are unfairly underestimated. The right turtle is a complete protection for the rider.

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