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Two people died while riding carsharing scooters

Two people died while riding carsharing scooters

Riding scooters without a license: who would have thought it would lead to trouble?

Contrary to what it feels like, January was only seven months ago. Since then, events have turned around so that it would be enough for a couple of quiet lives. However, in January the world was still the same – though not for everyone. It was then that several personal injury lawsuits were filed against the New York electric scooter rental service Revel Transit. The first such lawsuit dates back to August 2019, and in January their number exceeded seven – but this is nothing, you think, a lawsuit … no one died?

Died. On 28 July 2020, two people died while riding on Revel Transit scooters. In particular, the tragedy happened to the reporter of the CBS channel Nina Kapoor. A 26-year-old girl was traveling as a passenger on an electric scooter, and as a result of a sharp maneuver, her driver lost control, which led to injuries. Unfortunately, she subsequently died in hospital. The driver, a young man of 26 years old, escaped with minor injuries. Unfortunately, both of them rode without helmets.

About 2 weeks later, a man from Queens crashed into a street lighting pole in his rented Revel moped and died from his injuries. And this is not an exhaustive list of injuries sustained on Revel scooters – there are a lot of them, it’s just that people, fortunately, survived there.

Revel Transit is closing

In light of the news, Revel Transit announced that it is closing its New York division indefinitely. The full text of the statement on Twitter reads:

Riders of New York, starting today our service will be closed until further notice. We are reviewing and strengthening the responsibility and safety measures for our tenants and, together with the city authorities, are working on the situation in order to be able to return to you in the near future.

It is impossible not to notice that “tenant responsibility” – this is the main point that the company is working on. Undoubtedly, a responsible attitude on both sides is necessary, but Revel could have taken any harsh measures, for example, making it mandatory for anyone to rent a scooter to take a driving training course – regardless of the fact that it is currently not required to operate such a scooter. driver’s license. Unfortunately, the company did not agree to this. We are not ready to name the reliable reasons for this decision, but we assume that Revel, let’s say, followed the lead of the customers – in other words, they agreed to make more money with less effort, shifting safety issues onto the shoulders of those people who are ready to go on the road without a license.

Bad things happen

Alas, bad things happen. We motorcyclists know and embrace this, and we ride with all odds and take every opportunity to avoid or mitigate trouble. Almost all over the world, a separate category of driver’s license is required to operate a motorcycle. Alas, people are still willing to ride two-wheeled vehicles without them. Yes, rights alone (or even the training required to obtain them) will not save you from everything, but it is one of the elements of protection from troubles and mitigation of their consequences – just as important as, for example, a helmet or knee pads. There is no single recipe for how to escape from all troubles on the road, but if you put aside completely unpredictable situations such as branches of a tree or a truck falling across the road with faulty brakes at the back, then the remaining risks can be significantly reduced by taking as many reasonable steps as possible – equipment, training, speed selection and so on.

Trying to shift the blame onto riders is both unpleasant and not surprising – unfortunately, this is how things are done these days. In fact, the company took advantage of a hole in the legislation – because in terms of their dynamics, small electric mopeds sometimes outperform much larger motorcycles, for which driving license is undoubtedly needed. Therefore, if you rent mopeds to just about anyone, without offering training and without requiring any protection measures, then the injury and death of tenants is just a matter of time.

Of course, part of the blame lies with the police and the lawmakers … and in the end, this is just a sad story about two people who still could live and live, and about many more, traumatized and possibly even crippled due to their own carelessness and someone else’s greed …

Unfortunately, in order to make us all think about the consequences, His Majesty Hype this time demanded human sacrifice.

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