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Unexpectedly good news about Kawasaki

Surprisingly good news about Kawasaki has surfaced online. Greens are registering trademarks for three different ATVs (and their components) – IKON, OXON and Ridge.

IKON, OXON and Ridge

The trademarks have been registered with the Intellectual Property Agency of the European Union, but apart from this fact we know absolutely nothing. Buggies, ATVs, and maybe some components such as unusual wheels, axles, transmission types or a digital dashboard can be produced under new brands. Of the above-mentioned trademarks, IKON is the closest to the birth, judging by the fact that the application, in addition to the name, also contains a logo.

Without reliable information, you can afford to fantasize a little and speculate on the topic of ideas expressed on the Internet. Here’s what we found:

Let’s start with the Kawasaki IKON, as long as there is even a logo for it. It starts with a small i – and, although this may not mean anything, it can also speak of new smart technologies, for example, an electric motor. Electric ATVs are just starting to hit the market, but there will be more of them someday – so why doesn’t Kawasaki (along with other manufacturers) at least stake out a name to start with?

Kawasaki IKONKawasaki IKON

OXON and Ridge have dispensed with logos so far, so there is even less food for thought. The name OXON may well be formed from the English word “OX” – buffalo, bull, bison – and not wild, but domestic, working, draft. It is likely that “draft bull” can be called a utility all-terrain vehicle for cargo use, especially since Kawasaki produces the famous line of utilitarian Mule, that is, a mule.

Ridge is a mountain range or watershed – that is, something close to the wild, and by that name you can easily imagine a tourist all-terrain vehicle for outdoor trips. But again, this is just speculation arising from boredom and lack of information. If you have your own – share in the comments!

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