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Unsuccessful bikes for a beginner – what are they?

Do you often think why people choose the life of a motorcyclist? Why do they refuse it? In the article When fear has big eyes – what are the first seasons afraid of “we considered the reason why the first bad experience becomes too vivid. Most often this happens because of a motorcycle that did not live up to expectations. Let’s speculate, looking at the typical mistakes in choosing, which motorcycles will be the most unfortunate for a beginner:

  • Too powerful
  • Too old
  • Too rare
  • Too heavy / high / low
  • Too expensive
  • Not fit for purpose

Motorcycle too powerful

In a previous article (“What is the ideal beginner bike – what is it?”), There is a clever idea that first-season newbies, especially older ones, are looking to make up for lost time with the power of the bike. It is foolish to deny that pilots who successfully drive high-speed and expensive models did not come to this right away, although there are exceptions (where can we go without them?).

As we said earlier, powerful motorcycles are turned to with experience. This is a related equation: the more experience, the more engine power you can afford. Naturally, friends and siblings can encourage you to buy something bigger for the future. The classic of persuasion: you’re smart, will you get used to not being able to handle him or what?

As practice shows, not everyone can cope, and it’s not just about the mind. Reflexes, motor skills are developed by the body in the same way as the speed of reaction. You may know how the checkpoint works, but this does not mean that you will masterfully begin to work with it correctly and switch from the first trip during the shift. You can learn that the main brake on a motorcycle is the front one, and then you can fly over the handlebars, because you do not know how to emergency brake. The trouble with powerful bikes is that they don’t give you any time to fix bugs. They rarely forgive them at all.

Do you know what excuse is found in most accidents other than “I didn’t notice it”? That’s right – “I didn’t have time” or “I thought I would have time.”

Too old motorcycle

How about the horse and the furrow, you say “does not spoil”? A horse may not, but a motorcycle that has to be repaired more than “walked” is a completely different matter. Older models make sense in two cases:

  • Buy for restoration or to participate in exhibitions. This is a sea of ​​costs, effort, money, time in the garage. But with good work, the assessment of labor is pretty good.
  • Buying a very common motorcycle. Usually, brick-simple models are chosen for the training projectile. This is how motorists slip our invincible under the slogan “it is not explainable, but the fact” of AvtoVAZ to green newcomers. If something happens, it’s not a pity to break it, the price of spare parts does not bite much, and as a rule, there is enough of such goodness during disassembly. Moreover, old motorcycles are not so scary to get into with your initial knowledge. This modern bike is stuffed with electrics so much that it will soon begin to live its own life. Old people are more accommodating.

Too rare motorcycle

What does every person strive for? To uniqueness.

Oh, these satisfied faces of the owners, when someone proudly declares that there are only two such motorcycles in this city, one of them is in front of you! Hence, there are so many individual orders, custom and all sorts of alterations, from forcing the engine, to airbrushing and replacing the taillight. What motorcyclists do to stand out from the crowd! The logic in this case is simple, as in films about street races, when a newcomer arrives at the starting point in his grandfather’s “Mustang”, he is unlikely to take first place without experience, but the audience award is obviously in his pocket.

A rare first-season bike is a bad idea because of the trouble finding consumables. While others carry sacks of spare parts from motorcycle clubs or twist nuts from donors, you will have to look for a rare model during the day with fire and throughout the season.

Secondly, very few people can really advise something on their own experience. The rarer the motorcycle, the fewer people who have dealt with it. Any breakdown will have to be eliminated according to the collected bits of information from rare users.

Too heavy / high / low motorcycle

A motorcycle should be comfortable – a fact. It happens that you wholeheartedly got used to any model and here is the long-awaited moment when you were allowed to test it. You sit down .. and he is either unrealistically tall or very stocky. Tall people complain that they almost touch the steering wheel with their knees, and short pilots cry that they cannot reach the ground normally! Suspension adjustment does not always save.

Heavy motorcycles are also problematic. The first season is already in horror, even his hands are shaking, and then you will drop such a lump and that’s it, even call a tow truck! Seriously. Novice motorcyclists choose by price, often by external characteristics and desires, but how they will move this motorcycle, park, deploy … they think when they have already bought, even call the neighbors to help.

In addition, heavy motorcycles have their own distinctive features on the behavior on the road. It’s like a tank that is hard to argue with, but it swallows uneven roads and behaves like an icebreaker “Arktika”, all so unshakable, it seems that its center of gravity is somewhere in the fifth dimension … it’s like controlling an elephant : he is yours, while obedient. Heavy motorcycles are specific in corners, not every beginner is ready for this, especially after a training fluff from a driving school.

Most of the problems with landing are when buying a motorcycle from an auction. If you have never seen this or that model live, did not sit on it and did not drive, then the probability of disappointment when buying is 50/50.

Too expensive motorcycle

An overly expensive motorcycle is not a good decision for a beginner because of the consequences that will surely be in the first season. Not only falls, but a trite burnt clutch can already hit your pocket. What is the point of getting into a loan if the lack of experience threatens to break, scratch or drop the motorcycle in the first months? Beginners give up every penny for the motorcycle of their dreams, and then howl crocodile tears when, by a stupid oversight, they crashed the bike.

Expensive motorcycles for beginners – usually for adults, successful people who have put off their dream for so long that they no longer want to start with simple or old motorcycles. They are ready to buy a new motorcycle, even if it is not very pumped, but a new one from a dealer, which also flies into a penny.

There are pluses here, new motorcycles are serviced without any problems, getting spare parts is also not like a station game. It all comes down to money. If you can afford it, why not?

Motorcycle not fit for purpose

Here in the top, just the first line is always sportbikes. They are beautiful, people pay attention to them, the halo of exorbitant coolness and style created around sports motorcycles becomes the reason for the purchase of a sports motorcycle by beginners. However, over time, the first-season boy begins to guess that he wanted to comfortably roll from home to work and back, and then something hurts his back, there is nowhere to put bags, it is not very handy to give a ride to a friend. There is no question of the Dalnyaks at all. Only to carry this motorcycle to relatives in the village, life did not prepare him for a dirt road at all.

You won’t buy a cross for city driving, but a chopper for fun in the forest, will you? Say no.

Nevertheless, every year aspiring motorcyclists succumb to the temptation to buy a dream bike because they just love it. Not because it will allow you to solve the assigned tasks, be it traveling, fast movement or participation in races, but simply because you want this particular bike!

Of course, it’s up to you to decide, for some people, a motorcycle is a tool, for others the whole point comes down to the motorcycle itself. But because of the unsuccessful choice of the first or second motorcycle, people are disappointed, because the list of problems that have arisen is greater than the pleasure that the pilot receives in the process of operation. Our desires sometimes outstrip our capabilities and because of this we are sometimes disappointed, especially in the unsuccessful choice of the first motorcycle.

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