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Veger Motorcycles. Startup wins Red Dot Design Award 2021

Veger Motorcycles

Veger Motorcycles is a Finnish startup set up to design and manufacture high-performance electric motorcycles. The company intends to push the boundaries of performance and motorcycle design, especially when it comes to electric bikes. Verge Motorcycles have been hard at work over the past three years to bring their TS concept bike to life.

Verge TS by Veger Motorcycles

With a penchant for unconventional solutions, Verge strives to provide motorcyclists with a unique experience in both performance and aesthetics. With its distinctive and technologically advanced stepless electric motor, the Verge TS is sure to be the center of attention both on the road and in the parking lot. And thanks to its incredible design, Verge TS won the 2021 Red Dot Design Award for product design. In a posting on Verge Motorcycles’ official page, the company has confirmed the award and said it is a great honor to receive such a significant token of recognition.

The Verge TS is quite different from your typical everyday city bike. Many startups are emerging in this area now, but most of their products are simple city bikes, created primarily for reasons of simplicity, economy and ease of use. The Verge, on the other hand, prioritizes motorcycle performance: The Verge TS is equipped with an electric motor capable of delivering 80kW / 100hp of power at its peak and an incredible 1000Nm of thrust, and this motorcycle gains a hundred in four seconds.

Verge TS battery and range

In addition to its futuristic design and incredible performance, the Verge TS boasts a 200km range thanks to its capacious lithium-ion battery. Verge also claims that when using the DC charger, 15 minutes is enough to replenish the range of 100 km, and the battery fully charges in 4 hours.

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