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VW plans to reassess ownership of Ducati, Lamborghini and Bugatti

Ducati fans, put a note on your calendar for November: In a month, your favorite brand owner, Volkswagen, has scheduled a board and directors meeting on overall strategy. They are also planning to revalue ownership of Ducati, Lamborghini and Bugatti.

VW plans to reassess ownership of Ducati, Lamborghini and Bugatti


Rumors that VW is going to sell Ducati have been circulating almost since its acquisition. Eight years ago, the Audi Group bought the beloved motorcycle manufacturer from Borgo Panigale, and the idea has been in the air since then, even KTM expressed interest in acquiring the Italian brand in 2018.

However, the matter did not go beyond rumors, but, as happens in such cases, times are changing. And what times are now – you yourself understand. Moreover, in September, one of the VW executives mentioned that Volkswagen may be planning to reorient its business towards mass production of electric cars, and in light of this, a revaluation of ownership of a number of luxury brands of vehicles based on internal combustion engines is expected.

VW CEO Herbert Diess did not list specific brands, but did mention

With market disruptions, we need to focus and ask ourselves what this transformation means for individual members of the group.

Ownership of a number of brands should be weighed in the new realities. Electrification, accessibility, digitalization, wireless connectivity – this is a huge field of maneuver, and each brand has to find its new place, – continued Diss.

Will VW want to keep the petrol two-wheeler direction?

Ducati is heavily involved in modern technology adoption, like their 2018 laser radar system. In January 2019, Claudio Domenicali confirmed that Ducati is working on an electric motorcycle, but so far there is no further information on this project. Of course, the company is carrying out a lot of projects about which the public does not know anything yet – these are the realities of modern business.

The whole question is this: Will Ducati retain the ability to carry out large-scale development on many fronts after re-evaluating ownership of the brand in November? Will VW want to keep the petrol two-wheeler direction? Will reorient to electrics? Or will he give up motor transport and switch to cars? We’ll find out soon.

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