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We invite everyone to tell us about their favorite technique in the video

We invite everyone to tell us about the operating experience and nuances of your favorite motorized equipment (motorcycles, ATVs, buggies, snowmobiles, scooters, custom, etc.) in the video.

We will come, shoot, edit and post it on YouTube, so that the one who is going to buy the same equipment would know all the pros and cons from the real owner about it.

Geographically Moscow and the surrounding area within a radius of 100 km.

It doesn’t matter whether the technique is new or old.

It is very desirable to have a service life of at least a season – what would be something to tell from real operation.

Your suggestions can be sent in private messages (right here – on our website) indicating the location, contacts, equipment (manufacturer, model, year) and what experience / service life.

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