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What are motorcyclists looking for before the New Years?

Motorcyclists are people too and are also waiting for gifts under the Christmas tree for the winter holidays! Even ardent skeptics still make wishes in the hope of a New Year’s miracle. New Year is a great reason to make yourself a gift or ask for something under the guise of the holidays. So what are motorcyclists looking for before the new year?

  • New motorcycle and “donors”
  • Spare parts and consumables
  • Equipment
  • Gifts

New motorcycle and “donors”

There are legends that in the off-season you can find a motorcycle at a more loyal price, but you are not so lucky even after the peak of sales in the amateur market, when there was no buyer for the motorcycle and the owner decides to lower the price. As for the purchase of a new motorcycle, the pilots just before the holidays begin to decide on the model of equipment for the coming season and either save money for it, or look for a device in order to refine it in the time remaining before the start of the season.

Motorcycle auctions are in great demand. They beckon pilots with a profit and many do not mind ordering a motorcycle from there, which, when purchased in December, will arrive almost at the opening of the season. However, such a purchase always has a long list of “buts” such as: but this is a pig in a poke; but these are problems with registration; but this is always the risk of being wrong and so on. Nevertheless, a lot of people like it or not browse the sites before the holidays.

A “donor” is a motorcycle that will be dismissed as a source of repair for another motorcycle. In the article “What to do in the offseason for a motorcyclist?” we said that in the winter, pilots either sell or canned motorcycles, or repair / alter them. So, in the off-season, bikes pop up on sale after accidents, which there is no one to fix or no longer makes sense, which means it is easier to sell right away. Owners of broken motorcycles can try to repair their combat wounds, but give up in a month or two due to lack of time, money, or for another reason. In general, in the offseason, you can always see two waves of “donors”: those who will not even try to restore and those who were put up for sale after some time of reflection.

So it turns out that buying a “donor” before the new year gives scope for activity for the rest of the time before the opening of the season.

Spare parts and consumables

Maintenance and repair of a motorcycle is as costly as owning a car. Why not pamper yourself with a new dashboard or a tuned exhaust? And so that the check for purchases is not so scary, the amount can be written off to the holiday expenses. Before the new year, hundreds of parcels are sent out by mail, in which there is nothing, from pads and cables to injectors and tires. For the upcoming season, the pilots are collecting everything they need to prepare the bike for the summer.

By the way, let us remind you of the articles about motorcycle wintering:

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Before the new year, pilots buy equipment as a present for themselves, because motorcycle shops are organizing an attraction of unprecedented generosity, distributing the latest models. Experienced motorcyclists can find the lucrative offer that they have been waiting for since the fall, taking advantage of the New Year’s promotions.

In addition, the new year is not yet the end of winter and there is still time for snow trips ahead. If you suddenly realized that you want to travel in any weather, then before the holidays you will still have time to buy warmer equipment! About this in the article “Are you ready for the off-season and winter travel?”.


Of course, motorcyclists are looking for gifts before the New Year holidays! Earlier in the Top Inexpensive Motorcycle Gifts section, we looked at ideas, although there are actually many more. Each motorcycle store has a section with little things, in which you can really find gifts for every taste! Spider nets, key chains … Don’t forget about hats, caps, T-shirts and sweatshirts!

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