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What can each motorcycle class teach?

I don’t know about you, personally I don’t understand the debate about which class of moto is the best and the eternal jokes among pilots like “oh, you’re a sportsman” or “only a chopper, this is true labor”. Half of the pilots who so zealously defend their motorcycle class while making fun of others have often never been in the shoes of those who are being teased. And how can you draw conclusions if you have not tried to ride other classes? Meanwhile, each class of motorcycles is able to teach you new techniques and practice certain skills. Moreover, each type obliges you to develop the necessary skills based on the specifics of control and driving conditions, if you do not possess them.

Let’s pay attention to what experience does driving different classes of motorcycles provide?


Cross type motorcycles are a spectacular start for motorcycle life. Many in vain underestimate cross-country bikes, motards and pit bikes, naively assuming that a small and light motorcycle should be docile, tame. But in fact, this is a fierce demon from a snuffbox. A motocross bike will teach you first fall… Falling into the sand is much better than rubbing against the asphalt. And on the cross you will have to fall no less often than on the enduro. The second useful skill will be the experience of driving a motorcycle on your feet… Sitting on it you can’t drive, you have to learn to ride on the footpegs. Cross is not a motorcycle for sissies at all, because after the chase after the end of the engine hours, an exciting (no) bulkhead awaits you with the replacement of the necessary consumables.

If after the first ride in your life on a motocross motorcycle you arrive gray-haired, but happy, while for the whole journey, perhaps from fear, remember not only your whole life, but also the previous 10 reincarnations, then be sure that now you have nothing to fear.

Cross, motard and pit bike – they oblige you to think quickly and use the rebase correctly.


After enduro, the saying “tanks are not afraid of dirt” becomes your unwritten truth and motto in life. Enduro will teach you run at low revs, feel the behavior of the motorcycle on heavy off-road and come to terms with the situation when you are still bogged down in a quagmire of impassable routes. Additional bonus of enduro riding – ability to overcome obstacles… Enduro trails are often difficult because of the obstacles that you need to learn to cope with, and more virtuoso performance, as among endurists, is still to be looked for.

Note that maneuvering on cross / enduro trails differs from urban maneuvers due to the road surface. Where a motorcycle runs the risk of slipping on the pavement, it will react completely differently on sand.

Touring motorcycles

Tourers exist for those who like to travel, for romantics from the high road who are not averse to going to distant places and getting off the route on the way. These motorcycles teach you be ready for any situationand also think logically… Firstly, you have to plan a lot of the route, work for the future. Secondly, you quickly learn to use the limited space of the motorcycle, and most importantly, solve problems those items that you took with you on the road. A motorcycle tourist is always patient, resourceful and curious.

Sportbikes, naked

Sports motorcycles, whether they are just sports models or more serious super-sports, or naked shoes teach a pilot of any level handle speed and brakesespecially with brakes. These motorcycles are controlled with the whole body. The pilot of sports models is always delicately accurate – speed takes a lot for mistakes. Balance and contact patch become your gods, you begin to appreciate any gram of weight in a motorcycle and you realize the importance of aerodynamics. It develops hypersensitivity to the position of the body on the motorcycle, reaction speed and total self-control.

Cruisers and choppers

Motorcycles that teach you how to have fun. No, seriously, no survival race – no need to impress. There is you, the motorcycle and the road. There is not even a need to burn all the gunpowder of the engine until the pipes turn blue. You are just enjoying the moment. Here and now. Such motorcycles, even if not immediately, but in the end will certainly show you how great it is to just live without regard to someone else’s opinion.

Classic motorcycles

The workhorse takes us back to the city slums. Classic motorcycles can be taken at face value, as they rarely show any charts from other classes. Classic is a golden base on which your skills play with new colors. An ideal solution for any default city, a motorcycle that will accept every driver: experienced and not so rich, businessman or timid student. A universal solution for moving from point “A” to point “B”, from home to work and to the store for shopping.

If the opportunity presents itself, be sure to try different classes of motorcycles. This is a very rewarding experience that will teach you an understanding of the intricacies of owning other motorcycle models, and will also bring you closer to pilots of completely different directions.

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