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What do you need to keep in mind during the opening of the motorcycle season?

Spring, sunshine, the weather pleases everyone. As soon as the first snow melted, the ice melted and the thermometer rose above zero, the motorcyclists happily rushed to their dear favorites.

Leaving the city streets after wintering, you have to move with extreme caution. There are a lot of reasons for this:

  • Motorists and pedestrians have lost the habit of motorcyclists
  • Loss of skills, motor skills
  • Sudden changes in temperature and high humidity
  • Poor rubber warming up level
  • Possible technical malfunctions after wintering
  • Problems with documents or insurance
  • Equipment problems

Motorists and pedestrians have lost the habit of motorcyclists

The first thing that catches your eye when getting into traffic is the behavior of motorists. Over the winter, car enthusiasts have become so relaxed that no one is dodging between the rows anymore that they simply do not want to look at the mirrors, twitch at the sound of exhaust, or drive like kings, as if small-sized vehicles never existed in the world in principle.

Pedestrians behave no better, although it is nice when people who have become unaccustomed from us endlessly turn around in the trail.

Loss of skills and motor skills

If you have not practiced, then it is logical that the motor skills for driving a motorcycle have been completely forgotten. This can lead to dangerous situations, usually involving emergency braking and clutching. Beginners in the second season after winter are lost more often than experienced pilots.

Sudden changes in temperature and high humidity

In the spring, the weather has not yet settled down. Therefore, upon leaving the city on the first warm days, you run the risk of not just breaking the wheel due to getting on wet sections of the road, but also just getting wet in the sudden rain, from which no one is safe during the off-season. Moreover, after the snow melted on the asphalt, oil stains and excess debris remain, which all this time was hiding under a white cap or frozen in the ice.

Poor rubber warming up level

Since the weather is not summer, motorcycle rubber warms up slowly, reluctantly and unevenly. The grip is lower than in summer. Hence the need for careful preparation before leaving and increased caution on the road.

Possible technical malfunctions after wintering

Wintering a motorcycle affects its condition. During downtime, oils drain into the crankcases, the battery is discharged, oil seals can stick, scratches and open areas of metal rust, rubber deforms and the worst enemy of a motorcycle – condensation – forms.

Not all motorcyclists are scrupulous about their technique and may not test it to the smallest detail. We have already considered the topic of preparing for the season (“what they forget to check before the opening of the motorcycle season”). If you don’t pay attention to the bike before you start, it can throw you an unpleasant surprise on your first ride.

Problems with documents or insurance

An item that we learn about at the most inopportune moments. Sometimes it seems that you are ready for the season, and then you open the documents and see that the insurance has run out and you mentally fire up unforeseen expenses and red tape.

By the way, regarding this topic, Explosive Mike was ahead of the release of my article by literally a couple of days and shot a video on the same topical topic at the beginning of the season, in which he tells his vision of the situation, suggests a solution to the problem with documents:

Equipment problems

– And then what ?! – someone will ask.

Yes, it’s trite, friends. By the beginning of the season, two situations occur that force you to run to the store for equipment. We do not consider the case when you expected to update your wardrobe.

Firstly, over the winter, no matter how obvious it sounds, we are gaining excess weight. And now the question is, if someone does not fit into summer jeans, why should he fit into equipment? Seriously, the scourge of the equipment that was bought during our active work. Over the winter, it can become narrow. This is especially true for overalls. They are already chosen to fit the body like a second skin and do not imply your weight changes. And here the sedentary winter and favorite motorcycle jeans have to be left to the son to grow.

Secondly, if you have stored your belongings incorrectly. More offensive than not getting into your favorite leather clothes, it can only be to reach it and see that it is moldy or cracked. Of course, you can try to save the equipment, but if you did not take care of it at all, then there can be disastrous consequences.

So, the beginning of the season requires careful preparation. Otherwise, there is a risk, to open it not at all as we would like.

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