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What does Explosive Mike moto blogger wear?

Partner-Moto introduces you to interesting people, professionals who share a love for motorcycles and use Icon motorcycle equipment. We will tell you in what kind of motorcycle equipment they ride every day and what they are fond of in life.

Let’s talk about the most explosive, fierce and brightest motoblogger! This guy, not devoid of self-irony, is a fast-growing YouTube star, whose big-ass street hair is already recognizable by its silhouette.

Olga: The guy in the cool crew, who are you without him?

Explosive Mike: Programmer, economist, marketer, blogger, video producer … Explosive Mike.

He also teaches papping, his students suggest.

Indeed, out of love for the motorcycle world, an original video blog appeared, which quickly attracted subscribers for interesting ideas, useful advice, and most importantly for a true reflection of the life of an active motorcyclist. The video blog is developing rapidly, collaborations with new people appear, the level and quality of the video is growing with each release. A selection of music alone takes a lot of time, but such a background theme sets the mood for the entire video. And yes, for the mood, humor and the abundance of positive impressions from the cool editing, from the good camera work and Mike’s charisma, subscribers are so waiting for the fresh release.

Responsiveness and openness to people make his work light and kind. Mike on his channel talks about the experience of riding a motorcycle, motorcycle life, test drives and events. Some issues are not devoid of humor, for which the audience likes it.

It’s time to find out how our hero chooses equipment for himself and what he is wearing now!

Olga: How did you choose your outfit? What do you pay attention to when choosing?

Explosive Mike: First of all, it should be a brand, about which there is information, for which there are reviews, of course, the degree of protection plays a big role, and, of course, the style and how the equipment looks on me. I used to ride in the city in a leather jumpsuit, but recently realized that it was not very practical, especially in a naked with an aggressive road fit, and decided to ride in the city in a comfortable city carriage. In general, now, I believe that if you are fond of various motorcycle directions, then each must have its own outfit: for motocross – your own equipment, for the track (SHKMG) – your own, for urban lumbago and hooliganism – your own, etc. Of course, if the wallet allows it.

Olga: Why did you choose Icon?

Explosive Mike: When the choice fell on comfortable street equipment I didn’t have to look for a long time, Icon equipment was previously associated with the stunt direction, and this is both style and coolness and, at the same time, frequent falls – so the equipment of this direction immediately became interesting for me.

Olga: How did you hear about Icon? Was there any expectation of the outfit before you started wearing it?

Explosive Mike: I can’t say that I had any expectations, but I definitely trusted a company with a long history that made a great contribution to the street motorcycle culture. In addition, my friend rode in his brand new Airframe Pro and spoke very positively about it.

Olga: Which Icon came to you first?

Explosive Mike: The Icon Hypersport Jacket came first!

Olga: Which Icon are you using now?

Explosive Mike: I currently wear an Icon Airmada Scrawl helmet, an Icon Hypersport jacket, and recently purchased the more city-friendly Icon Anthem 2 short gloves, Icon Timax jeans and Icon Truant 2 boots.

The set of motorcycle equipment in which the Explosive Mike rides

Olga: What did you wear before?

Explosive Mike: Before that, I loved the Dainese brand with all my heart, in general I love everything Italian. But, as you know, this brand is almost the most expensive, and the prices for their top-end products bite very much, and they do cool things more for a sporty style, their urban collections cannot be said to be rich in variety and style. Also, before I had a Shark helmet, about which I also can’t say anything bad, I also had several items of equipment from our domestic brand OSA, for my money – very good equipment. Of the helmets, I respect and love the AGV brand, they have a couple of interesting models, my old city helmet and a new crossover helmet, by the way, of this particular brand, well, I say, I love everything Italian.

Olga: What part of the equipment do you need to update the most?

Explosive Mike: In fact, plus or minus, everything wears out the same, but for some reason my gloves suffer the most.

Olga: What’s the most epic thing that happened to your outfit?

Explosive Mike: I do not know how this happens, but I have already wiped 3 pairs of Italian gloves, either with the quality of the problem, or the rink is too fierce. Otherwise, I always choose the equipment wisely, so the epic usually does not happen. But I had here only Chinese knee pads for one and a half thousand rubles – I rode a cross motorcycle on an ice track in winter and shot another video, and so, after I got down on one knee to take a good shot, my Chinese knee pad fell apart right under the pants, I’m afraid to imagine what would have happened if I fell in them, after this incident I went to the store and bought myself high-quality Thor Force XP knee pads, tested by many riders. Therefore, I do not advise anyone to save a lot on items of equipment.

Olga: Are you satisfied with your choice and what else would you like to have in your arsenal?

Explosive Mike: I am more than satisfied with the choice, of the advantages – very good visibility of the helmet, a durable non-fogging visor, soft D3O inserts in the jacket, which makes it very comfortable, movements are not constrained and the jacket is soft and does not hang like a stake, and of course the appearance on solid top five. I would actually collect a whole collection of crew, especially helmets, there are a lot of cool colors from Icon, and I would also buy myself a hooligan Icon Merc jacket.

Olga: Do you have a favorite thing or a “lucky one”?

Explosive Mike: No, there is no such thing, but I treat every element of my outfit as something important, complementing my image and style, so every thing that I choose for my motorcycle wardrobe is my favorite.

Olga: What would you like to wish your subscribers?

Explosive Mike: Of course, the bombing motorcycle season 2018, safety on the road, sunny weather, good mood and positive emotions, and of course LLLLLYUYUYUYUYUYUYUYUYUYUTY KATKIYA!

If you are still not familiar with Mike, subscribe to his channel and social networks:

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