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What does Nikita Prysyazhnyuk perform and train in?

In the modern world, young people have a very large selection of activities, everyone can find a job to their liking, it is especially pleasant when parents ardently support the hobby of their children, and most importantly, allow their child to make a choice on their own. Today, the heroes of our meeting are a father and a son – a young man who, at the age of 14 (!), Is able to compete in the dexterity of driving a motorcycle with adult pilots and his father, who listens to the interests of the child, not forgetting about his own life experience.

Passionate about motorsport, a successful standrider – Nikita Prisyazhnyuk: participant and prize-winner of numerous competitions, a skilled pilot who delights the audience with performances at events and his sympathetic father – Gennady Prisyazhnyuk, will share his impressions, thoughts and talk about the possibility of a teenager combining motorsport and studying at a simple school.

Olga: Nikita, tell me, is it easy for you to combine workouts and performances in the stand with study? How much time do you spend on motorcycles and how much time do you spend on school?

Nikita: Hello, for me personally, sports do not interfere with my studies. First of all, I put my studies, and then hobbies. After I have done my homework, I go to workout and devote 2 to 4 hours to it.

Olga: How does the school react to your hobby?

Nikita: I think this is a stupid question. I don’t know why so many people ask it? Since childhood, I didn’t like to brag, so no one at school knows about my hobby.

Olga: What was your first motorcycle and first outfit?

Nikita: My first motorcycle was an electric bike and my first motocross gear was called “FOX”.

Olga: How often do you fall off your motorcycle? What equipment do you have to change most often?

Nikita: Falls happen mainly when I learn new tricks, when you experiment with their execution and try different options. From my outfit, I most often change gloves, they wear off very quickly on the levers and asphalt.

Olga: They say Icon gear is only for cool city racers, do you agree? Why?

Nikita: Yes, I think the ICON outfit is the best thing for stunt riding and many pro riders choose this outfit, including me.

Olga: Which Icon came first to you?

Nikita: The very first Icon I got was a Stryker motorcycle vest.

Olga: What are you wearing now?

Nikita: Now I am almost all in Icon outfit. ICON – gloves, moto vest, elbow pads are my summer outfit, and in cooler weather I have a moto jacket with built-in D3O protection.

Olga: What do you like about this outfit?

Nikita: I really like Icon. They make a very comfortable, practical and stylish protection for motorsport!

Olga: What other Icon would you like to have?

Nikita: My partners provide me with everything I need. The line of models changes every season. It becomes better, more reliable and more beautiful. Thanks for the opportunity to test these new items!

Olga: Have you received any serious injuries and what are they? The most dangerous thing that happened to your equipment?

Nikita: I had no serious injuries. The worst thing that happened to my equipment: it wore out, it became small for me.

Olga: What are your plans for the future? What are you aiming for?

Nikita: Get on the Kawasaki 636 and transfer all the tricks that I have in stock now.

Only forward – to victory!

Olga: What would you like to wish your subscribers?

Nikita: Go in for sports, do not be lazy and live in pleasure!

Naturally, we could not ignore the opinion of Nikita’s father – Gennady. It was very interesting to look at the situation through his eyes.

Olga: Gennady, how did you get the idea to send your son to stand-by? Why motorcycles and not a wrestling or dancing section, for example?

Gennady: Stunt riding was Nikita’s choice. At that time he was engaged in motocross and showed good results. But after we watched the Eastern European Stunt Riding Championship in Tushino with him, everything changed dramatically. He categorically decided to switch from motocross to stunt riding.

He always had a craving for technical sports, his first hobby was karting, he went to training with pleasure and showed high results.

So from childhood he loved everything that runs on gasoline.

Olga: Why do you think many parents are against the desire of their children to ride a motorcycle and what to do about it?

Gennady: I, too, like all parents, are against moving around the city on a motorcycle. The point is not in the skill and professionalism of the rider, but in the fact that on our roads almost all road users do not follow the rules of the road, and the motorcyclist is the most vulnerable and poorly protected on this road.

Realize your potential and love for moto sports on tracks, cross-country tracks and indoor areas.

Olga: What must any stand rider have?

Gennady: First of all, any rider involved in motocross, road circuit racing or stunt riding should do it in professional motorcycle equipment. You need to understand that technical sports are not safe, so you need to protect yourself as much as possible.

Olga: How do you see Nikita’s future?

Gennady: We try to live according to the principle “HERE AND NOW”, therefore we never think too far. As for this season – to be in the top and get less injured.

From a conversation with these wonderful people, I would like to conclude that only with full dedication, support and love for your choice can you achieve excellent results, combining it with study or work.

Follow Nikita’s progress on his pages:

Instagram: @nikita_stunt_moscow

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