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What does Stunt Hamster think of Icon and how did he become a stunt rider?

Even if you are not a fan of stunt riding, this cheerful and open guy will not leave you indifferent! No, really, how can you pass by a very purposeful pilot, who is not averse to fooling around on hard enduro and hooliganism on the track, provided he has a lot of experience and understanding of the technical foundations, and even performs at various competitions?

Meet Dmitry Voronkov! He is a Hamster (Hamster), engaged in motorcycles from his youth, from eight years old, to be precise! He began performing at the competitions in 2013. Now he is 22 years old and he is quite a successful guy, who is recognized even by seasoned motorcyclists. In addition, he has a whole program of stunt shows Stunt Buro!

– Ah, Hamster! I know this! Is he on the KTM Duke 690r?

That’s right, it is on this motorcycle that Dima develops his skills. Shall we ask him a few questions?

Olga: Sorry, but I can’t help but ask: why “Hamster”?

Dmitriy: Hamster is from childhood, because the cheeks! (the sweetest answer one could hear).

Olga: How did you get into stunt riding? How did you start?

Dmitriy: While riding a scooter, I saw guys in the parking lot who lifted the motorcycle onto the rear wheel, this topic became interesting and I started looking for videos on the Internet, then by the age of 15 I changed the scooter for kawasaki ksr80, but the stunt did not go on it. And I just skated because there was no company. At the age of 16, I got an external license and took the wr250x motard, it became possible to go to the sites and train in the company of more experienced stunt riders. This plays an important role when there are people nearby from whom you can learn from.

Olga: What do you do outside of motorcycle life?

Dmitriy: All my activities in one way or another are connected with motorcycle life, since childhood I have been repairing motor vehicles both for myself and for everyone who turns to me.
He also worked in a motorcycle dealership and has extensive experience in the selection of motorcycles. Anyway, 99% of my entourage are people associated with the motorcycle theme. I love to travel, but these trips are not complete without motorcycle friends! Since I have the biggest car in the party and I drive everyone!

Ask, where did I get all the finances for this? I will answer: Thank you, Partner-Moto!

Olga: Do you remember your first outfit, how you chose and what it was?

Dmitriy: My first outfit was the one that my older comrades fitted me, it was an open helmet and a cross turtle, then I bought knee pads myself somewhere.
Then with the purchase of the first serious motorcycle, when I started riding the DOP., I took a cross-country helmet that barely survived the season, and was replaced by the Icon Variant Construct that a friend showed me, I was very impressed by the extraordinary design of this helmet and I could not resist. I immediately realized that it was mine and for 6 years now I have been in it.

Olga: What are you riding in now? What’s the first Icon to appear in your wardrobe?

Dmitriy: Now I ride in a stunt crew kit, this Icon Variant helmet, Icon stryker Vest vest, Icon Overlord SB2 jacket, Icon Mil-Spec reflective bright yellow vest, Icon Anthem Deployed gloves and Dainese knee V long shin pads, Troy lee design elbow pads and jersey Icon Lucky time for style.

Olga: What do you like about this outfit?

Dmitriy: Why Icon? It’s style and durability!

Olga: What equipment do you have to change most often? Why?

Dmitriy: Gloves are the most consumable, most often I use rags, they are enough from 2-4 weeks of training if they do not fall, or even from one crash, they burn out.

Now I have Icon anthem deployed, which have withstood several serious falls and did not tear thanks to the leather insert on the palm.

Olga: How often do you get injured? What is the most serious injury you have suffered?

Dmitriy: You cannot do without injuries, this is a dangerous sport, I already have more than 4 fractures, I do not keep statistics on ligament tears and bruises, sometimes you don’t think about the severity of the injury and continue to ride. The last fracture of the arm turned out to be difficult, with a displacement, and a titanium plate had to be installed, thanks to the doctors from the City Clinical Hospital 1.

Olga: Which Icon would you like to have?

Dmitriy: I have no pants and jacket from Icon. I would like to have it for the cold season.

Olga: Do you have a favorite trick? And why?

Dmitriy: My favorite trick is Stoppie – riding the front wheel! This is the trick I’m most comfortable with.

Olga: Are you learning something new now? What are you working on?

Dmitriy: In the near future I plan to learn stoppies in the back to front position.

Since I am skating with a plate in my hand this season, new tricks are difficult and I am working on the bundles of those tricks that I can.

Olga: Who do you learn from? Who would you like to work with?

Dmitriy: Only you can learn stanta yourself, you cannot teach a person until he himself begins to try from time to time. We do not have teachers, we try everything ourselves on the example of others.

Olga: If you manage to sell your motorcycle, what would you like to buy in return?

Dmitriy: Since in professional stunt riding a motorcycle is considered to be from 600cc and 2 cylinders, I am looking for a motorcycle according to these criteria. And in my heart I love Supermoto class motorcycles, on which I am most comfortable doing tricks and using them every day for trips to get Khlebushk.

Olga: What are your plans for the near future?

Dmitriy: I live here and now, I plan to ride in all stunt competitions and with my stunt show around the world, but for this I need to sell my KTM Duke 690r, since it does not pass according to the European competition regulations. I don’t want to be like everyone else, and I think that you can ride anything, there would be a desire and perseverance in the goal.

Olga: What qualities should a real stunt rider have?

Dmitriy: Willpower is something stunt riding can’t be without. Since many have dropped the stunt for this reason.

Olga: What would you like to wish your subscribers?

Dmitriy: Health to everyone, this is the main thing, take care of yourself, use equipment, because once you are reading this, you can no longer refuse motorcycles!

Well, have you already signed up to be a Humster fan? Infected with his enthusiasm and perseverance on the way to your goal? In case you missed a moment and didn’t subscribe to his social media or want to know more about this fearless guy, you can go here:

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