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What else creates a roadside hazard for a motorcyclist in spring?

In the spring, at the opening of the season, after the snow has melted on the roads, there is so much more! Sometimes it seems that the city itself is creating difficulties for our brother. We are not worried about garbage or pits, not at all.

– What are the city road services doing in winter so that the roads are not so slippery? Hint: The answer “nothing” will not be accepted.

We cross out snowblowers from the list. We are interested in the sand, which is strewn with roads. This is one of the cheapest ways to increase grip on frozen asphalt surfaces.

So, the weather is getting warmer, the snow is melting, but the sand is not.

For many who travel to the city at the beginning of the season, the whole dunes of embankments, which motorists have rolled along the roadway and on the sides of the traffic lanes, come as a surprise. Cars don’t care about them, but we come across these gifts every time we want to dive into the aisle.

Why is sand on asphalt bad?

If the sand for motorists is like grain for an elephant, then for us, motorcyclists, these sand dunes at the beginning of the season can spoil the mood. You go out like this to celebrate the traffic, cut through the plug in the aisle, but it was not there. Sand seriously reduces traction. In addition, it is also not easy to enter a turn on a slope, taking into account sand embankments. The wheel runs into this obstacle and if there is already a lot of it, it literally slides off.

Braking worsens, wheels slip. It happens, even skidding or getting demolished on a bend! You go, and then the rear suspension led. You got scared, slowed down, run around the motorcycle, check every bolt, then you just realize what led you because of the sand under the wheels!

Dust and stones

As soon as it gets warmer outside, dust begins to rise from the sand. You fly into it like a Bedouin in a sandstorm, who is there, what is there? You can’t see anything, you have to slow down. Himself dirty after that, the motorcycle is dusty, as if all this time you were tapped with sacks of flour or carried in a box of potatoes. By the way, the visor suffers from dust bless you. You wipe it endlessly, you’ve already erased all your gloves! And if you also go with an open visor, then be so kind as to bear with it, dust flies into the helmet. You already dream of being nailed to the ground by the rain.

Pebbles flying like shrapnel become a separate bonus. When the roads were sprinkled, the big stones, of course, were removed, but no one was able to pull out various small things. Have you ever been hit by a pebble from under the wheels? No? Lucky.

It actually hurts a lot. It’s one thing when a pebble flew into a protected part of the body, and another thing when it hit right into the visor (and say “thank you” if it held out or that you even went with it, and did not open it). After being hit by a stone, especially when the blow was strong and painful, the driver instinctively either throws the steering wheel or jerks away from the part of the road from which the blow fell. It is not difficult to guess that this is the reason for accidents.

The general conclusion is that at the beginning of the season, you should carefully monitor the condition of the road you drive on, because even such seemingly nonsense as plain sand leads to accidents, wheel slip, poor braking, and grip.

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