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What is Motozyme / Moto Spring and why is it popular?

This year, just the other day, the 7th international exhibition “Motozyma 2018” was held, but before providing you with an overview about it, I would like to tell you what kind of project it is, which every year brings together more and more participants in different directions.

MotoSpring and Motozyma take place at the end and beginning of the off-season. The organizers’ logic is extremely simple: to create an exhibition that will satisfy the hunger of motorcycle enthusiasts for new products, as well as provide ideas for the next six months, and at the same time bring motorcycle culture activists together with ordinary people.

Motospring presents a maximum of information that will be useful in the upcoming season. Because this is the time when every motorcyclist prepares hard for the summer, chooses equipment, checks the bike before the season and is “at a low start” so to speak. Hence the wide selection of participants. Many people come for the motorcycles, which are exhibited among the stands of partners. It is a good opportunity to get a personal impression of landing, feeling oneself next to such a technique, to draw conclusions, or just take a picture next to a cool bike.

Motozyma is aimed at the frosty period of the year, when you change to other types of transport, play “Lego”, sorting out your own bike, do equipment or change tires and ride like crazy in the snow. In addition to motorcycles, you can see snowmobiles, ATVs. What else do motorcyclists do in winter? Well, in addition to sobbing into a pillow over the past season and repairing their bike, they indulge in customizing. Hence, there are so many representatives of workshops, suppliers of spare parts, rubber, consumables and many, many related organizations.

What is a motorcycle winter / motorcycle spring exhibition for?


  • Presentation of new products inside the motorcycle culture
  • Meet the partners of the motorcycle industry
  • The opportunity to sit on different motorcycles, discuss them with company representatives
  • The ability to touch, try on different types of equipment
  • Chatting / meeting new people and famous motorcyclists
  • Opportunity to learn about other types of motorsport

Such exhibitions are an ideal environment to make new acquaintances, both partners and friends. Lots of people open to dialogue, organizations that will tell you everything you want to know about their services. Instead of running around the area looking for a workshop or motorcycle school, you can come and see the lion’s share of the representatives in one place.

The concentration of activists in the motorcycle industry is paying off. Exhibition guests can select and try on equipment, even buy if they like it. The technical representatives will tell you about themselves and you will already know where to fix it, if something breaks down, where to find a tow truck or how much a new rear tire will cost. Suppliers of consumables, batteries, oils, tools, rubber and even painting services are all here!

It is nice to see motorcycle schools and representatives of sports trends. Do you want to ride but lack experience? Here’s a ready-made solution, please! The teams’ stands are also found among the rows of the exhibition. Motorcycle racing fans are eagerly awaiting the appearance of their favorites to get an autograph, parting word or a photo.

In the crowd of participants, we meet journalists and, lo and behold, motobloggers. Yes, yes, people whose videos we watch in the evening over a cup of tea, those who tell their own fascinating stories. For them, the exhibition is a pleasant part of the day, when you can meet eye to eye with your subscribers, get feedback, find out what the audience would be interested in watching the next issue.

The presentation of new products is one of the most delicious parts of the exhibition. If you want to be in the subject, then without exhibitions – nowhere. Does the company have a new helmet? Another company has innovative knee pads? Do these guys have a new line of motorcycles on sale soon? Oh, in that case, you will be the first to know about it! At the same time, even if these models themselves are not yet at the exhibition, and rumors about them are already wandering around, then someone will tell you the latest reports. It’s not scary to ask questions here, because there is someone to suggest the correct answers.

Any participant in the meeting decorates his space in such a way as to attract the attention of guests of the exhibition, communicate with them and be interesting, because then people will return to them after closing. Hence the neat original stands and mannequins, dressed up in all the best.

Motorcycles are an integral part of the exhibition, of course, how can we do without them ?! If you crave to touch or sit on any device, 99.9% will allow you to. By the way, this way you run the risk of falling in love with any model and realize that yes, you have been waiting for this motorcycle all your life. Well, or to understand that, for example, racing on a sportbike is not yours, but tearing the sand on a motocross with rubber is the ultimate dream, or in general it’s time to look for a motorcycle with a sidecar so that in a traffic jam you can legally occupy all the free space in the lane.

In addition to modern motorcycle models, the exhibition always manages to find a corner with retro technology and custom bikes. A delight for history buffs, hand-held motorbikes and those who simply want to escape from the mundane.

How to get to the exhibition?

Do I need to say that the organizers are in every possible way glad to new people? On the website of the exhibition you will find several sections in case you want to be a participant or represent the media. For guests, tickets are sold – electronic and at the box office at the scene. Information is published in full on social media accounts.

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