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What is the difference between cross country and enduro?

What is the difference between cross and enduro? – a question that any motorcyclist asked himself or google, regardless of driving experience. They are close enough to each other to confuse them endlessly if you did not have the pleasure of riding both.

As in any kind of technology, the differences in model ranges depend on the goals and method of operation. As soon as you mix dirt on an enduro or drive on a cutoff with adrenaline on a 15 to 10 scale of your capabilities, you will immediately begin to see a clear difference without any theory.

If we talk about these classes in general, then they have differences in:

  • power apparatus
  • ​Power system
  • electrical system
  • Suspension/wheels
  • Tuning / additional elements

Power apparatus

Motocross bikes are designed to take off from the spot on the track, which is oh so far from road racing. The only purpose of the engine is to work to the maximum so that the pilot comes to the finish line first and ideally on horseback, whole, unworn. Crosses don’t need cruising speed. Give them a fighter flight! Therefore, such engines have enough powder to work in the cutoff, but feel bad on the bottoms, which for them is like a slow-mo effect for a person who has drunk three liters of energy drink.

Enduro bikes with bottoms are easier. Such engines are designed for routes with which the pilot is not familiar, for driving with possible hitches due to road conditions. Therefore, where the enduro will quietly crawl sideways at medium speeds, the cross, if stuck in the mud, can simply overheat.

A few words about the checkpoint. Since the cross takes care of speed, the gears are short, very short, so close that sometimes you don’t understand out of habit whether you switched or not.

In enduro, the shifting is more noticeable, the gears are a little longer, again due to the bottoms.

electrical system

The first thing that allows you to identify the enduro is headlights and a brake light. Cross does not need all these gadgets. Enduro has a whole list of dual-use models that no one would have released on civilian roads without additional lighting devices. Moreover, the routes of endurists pass not only during the day, but there are also night races, so let there be light!

Kickstarter and electric starter. On motocross bikes, starting the engine is only meant before the race, the kickstarter system, which is as simple as a boot, is easy and reliable, which is why you will see a kickstarter on many models.

Supply system

The tank on motocross bikes is a thimble (exaggerating), but it needs a tank to power the engine for one race, and since the bike is on the verge of taking off into space, the gas mileage is high. Volumetric tanks are not put on them, because it will be extra weight, all the more there will be no long chase. On the enduro, the tanks are a little more capacious, because the races are longer, but the consumption is also easier.


Cross-country is distinguished by jumping, the track has jumps or a rather severe terrain, which requires appropriate design. Hence the hard forks. If you look closely, on the cross-country, the fork offset is greater than that of the enduro, because at higher speeds the offset helps against wobbles, and sharp turns and mega controllability are needed at lower speeds like in the enduro, when avoiding obstacles. Due to jumping techniques, landing on the cross is high. On the enduro, the fit is lower, the cushioning is softer.

Cross country wheels have low profile tyres, enduro also use low profile tyres, but have an inch of clearance on the rim so the rider can depressurize the tires to continue racing with better traction.

Tuning / additional elements

There should be nothing superfluous on the crosses. Not even a footrest! Between races, the motorcycle is placed on a special stand, otherwise you don’t need a footboard, you won’t drink tea on the track.

There will always be additional elements on the enduro, there may be mirrors and hand protection, a footrest and other little things that will hang on the cross over excess weight. Also, if the enduro is designed for city driving, it should have footrests for the passenger.

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