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What is the success of Icon Airframe Pro?

Each line of helmets has its own merits, pros, cons and fans. What is interesting about the Icon Airframe Pro helmet, why is it so loved and who will it suit the most?

Features of the structure of the helmet

The Pro prefix on Icon Airframe helmets appeared due to the improved design of the helmet, which was thought out by engineers with all the subtleties of aerodynamics and for the convenience of the motorcyclist with a discount on the fact that the owner is not just a street racer, but a contender for the title of “pro”.

Materials and features of the helmet

One of the features of Icon Airframe Pro helmets can be considered a mesh structure obtained by hand molding using pneumatic methods. The basic composites are Spectra fiberglass and carbon fiber. The expanded polystyrene forms a double-stiffness EPS liner that absorbs impact forces. Icon prides itself on meticulous workmanship at every stage, even emphasized by hand painting and polishing.

One-piece centering helmet shell – full integral with minor contour changes. The structure of the helmet has a unique system of ventilation ducts, which in total does not violate the level of safety, but favorably distinguishes the model in terms of total weight. The helmets meet all required safety standards.

Luxurious ventilation is achieved through nine inlets and 7 outlets. It is noted that the chin and forehead openings contribute to better pilot comfort in headwinds.

The manufacturer replaced the components of the inner liner with a 5-piece system, while the previous models only consisted of 3. With this lining, the anatomical fit becomes much more effective. With a new approach, the company has a unique opportunity to complete the helmet for maximum user convenience. The advantages of the helmet include a quick-drying and moisture-absorbing lining with HydraDry material.

    Particularly noteworthy are the subtleties of elaboration for a sporty fit. The fact is that the helmet has a shape that does not prevent a person from wearing sports equipment. On the back of the helmet, a short base is noticeable, which, with a sporty fit, fits well into the set of equipment, even with an aerodynamic hump. The way the rider holds his head in an aggressive position forced the engineers to work out the design of the helmet neck precisely with the expectation of anatomical changes in the body depending on the motorcycle and the nature of the ride. Icon Airframe Pro does not rest on the equipment when throwing the head back and does not bite into the neck, does not touch the aerodynamic hump – an indisputable plus for aggressive riding.

    Raising the head is also needed for a better view. The company noticed this and developed the helmet so that the front part was changed. As a result, the arc over the eyes became higher, improving the pilot’s view.

    This helmet is an extremely successful development for sports bike enthusiasts. It is an exceptionally light helmet with carefully calculated aerodynamics. Engineers developed it based on the needs of owners of sporty riding bikes.

    Among the downsides of the Icon Airframe Pro, some users notice that there is too much ventilation when riding in a vertical position. Bikers who have chosen the Airframe Pro, but have a straight fit without leaning forward, have reviews that the design of the collar zone of a helmet with a shortened back part causes air to blow into the neck. However, we recall that the helmet was designed for an inclined fit, so such claims are more a matter of choosing the correct helmet for the riding character and the class of the motorcycle.

    Among other things, the helmet is definitely worthy of attention in all the main characteristics. It is appreciated among motorcyclists and has established itself as a completely successful project.

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