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What is thermal underwear and why is it needed?

Autumn is already on the doorstep. Before you roll the motorcycle out of the garage, you have to kick the leaves near the door, shiver in the cold. At the beginning or at the end of the season, and for someone even in the snow, thermal underwear becomes the best friend, besides a shabby leather jacket.

Thermal underwear – how does it work?

Thermal underwear should be classified as passive body protection. Hypothermia of the driver or passenger leads to obvious troubles. The essence of using thermal underwear is thermoregulation. It is logical that the greater the loss of heat, the colder we get. Motorcyclists are exposed to oncoming airflow, which means they lose heat quickly enough if the equipment does not have adequate wind protection.

Thermal underwear creates an effective layer, the fabric of which is responsible for removing moisture and conserving heat. There are adaptive thermal underwear models that make you feel comfortable at any temperature. Your body produces heat. The air, which is inevitably present in the knitting of any product and in the space between the skin and fabric, also heats up. The difference in temperature, a barrier between the environment and the body, happens to the fabric of thermal underwear, creates a heating effect, provided that excess moisture is removed.

– What does moisture have to do with it? – someone will ask.

First, wet laundry does not accumulate heat well.

Secondly, it is very unpleasant to drive in the wet.

What is thermal underwear made of?

Logically, with heated air, you can run and rob your grandmother’s chest of drawers on a sweater made of alpaca wool, or order a fashionable pullover with a viscous knit comparable in thickness to Klitschko’s fist.

In fact, you are laughing in vain. I remember that I had a chance to live in tents on a field trip with the Emergencies Ministry team in November, near Novorzhev, on the wind farm itself, in such an area that it was time to look for polar bears at night. Woolen overcoats were suddenly given out of clothes, I don’t know from which museum they were brought, but I think they were used even during the military reform in Tsarist Russia. But in fact, they were several times warmer than modern Chinese thermal underwear, oak only because of their density.

Thicker doesn’t mean better. Too thick and dense knit does not remove moisture well, which means that you will be sweating. The secret of success lies in the ratio of thickness, wind protection, moisture removal and the percentage of air that enters the fabric structure.

Natural thermal underwear made of wool or cotton will be pleasant to the body, but worse in functionality.

Modern developments have advanced so far that they are close in technology to space projects. The set of synthetic options for thermal underwear is very wide and allows you to get equipment of any level of protection and characteristics.

Common materials used to make thermal underwear:

  • Wool / Merino sheep wool
  • Nylon
  • Polypropylene
  • Elastane
  • Polyamide microwaves
  • Spandex

Synthetic materials allow you to get a tight knit that fits the body well. Many manufacturers are starting to look at seamless technology. The seams provide an anatomical fit, but pilots worry that they might irritate the skin by rubbing, which is ruled out by the seamless technology.

The cellular structure of the knitting of the thermal car increases the amount of air inside the material and creates good elasticity of the finished product.

What products for motorcyclists can be thermal underwear?

Shops and manufacturers offer travel enthusiasts many passive body protection options, including:

  • Costume
  • Blouse
  • T-shirt
  • Gloves
  • Trousers / pants
  • Socks
  • Stockings
  • Neck protection

There are unique developments on the equipment market, such as thermal underwear combined with additional protection or thermal underwear with battery heating.

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