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What kind of equipment to wear in the heat

The reluctance among motorcyclists to wear equipment in the summer is said quite often.

As a rule, there are two main reasons for this: firstly, it is hot, and secondly, there is an opinion that equipment will not save / is not needed at this particular moment (I only go to the store for bread, why should I fully equip myself?).

Regarding the latter, we have already dealt with the point of no confidence in equipment in the myths about motorcyclists. (“Top-10 unbreakable myths about motorcycles and motorcyclists”) If the equipment turned out to be a mediocre investment, then one medallion of St. Christopher would be enough, without any D3O inserts. What if it doesn’t work anyway? (“Medallion in Icon: superstition, gimmick or marketing?”). The motorcycle apparel industry saves lives every year. Negative reviews appear where a person is injured, but rarely does anyone think that without equipment he would not have survived at all.

But back to the heat and the gear. To solve the problem, I propose to turn to the heart of the matter. Many motorcyclists experience unbearable heat sensation problems in protection for two reasons:

  1. Only one set of equipment, mostly warm, allowing riding at the beginning and end of the season.
  2. The belief that in absolutely any outfit it is hot in summer. Without trying on a summer kit.

Equipment is not cheap, you have to put up with it. Therefore, not all motorcyclists own several sets, but ride in one. In winter and summer … in your favorite leather jacket.

Everyone knows about the consequences of riding without equipment, without exception. Injuries of varying severity, much more serious than falling with a protection.

But what happens to a motorcyclist when packed in overly warm gear on a hot day? Overheating of the body occurs. The person actually runs the risk of getting heatstroke. By the way, heat and sunstrokes differ from each other, although they are quite close in meaning. It is possible to get heatstroke even in the shade, even indoors. Dense, non-breathable equipment interferes with the process of thermoregulation of the body, we add high temperature overboard on top, as well as heat from the engine – the personal hell is ready.

– But the motorcyclist is blown with a headwind, someone will say.

Yes, it does. Question: with what force and how often? We understand that the strength of the headwind depends on the speed. What fresh stream is there when the whole day goes from jam to jam?

Physical inconvenience, overwork, distraction of attention and a lot of ailments are the result of using equipment that is not suitable for the heat.

So what to wear in the summer?

For the head

Helmets are created with different designs, materials, and different production methods. The number of ventilation ducts is also individual for each model. Wearers of open helmets are in the most advantageous position in terms of ventilation.

“Motorcycle helmets – what are they like and which one to choose?”

If you don’t want to buy a lighter helmet, you can change the liner. Surely you know that thermal underwear is divided into heating and cooling? So, this also applies to comforters.

For body

Cooling thermal underwear makes life easier for motorcyclists during the hot season. If you don’t want to buy a new jacket, trousers or anything else, then cooling thermal underwear will come to the rescue.

Motorcycle jackets. Progress is leaps and bounds, which means that perforated jackets are no longer a rarity. Among the summer equipment there is a sufficient selection of jackets, the material and cut of which allow the pilots to feel comfortable.

“Motorcycle jackets – protection levels and materials. What to choose?”

Turtle. If you are not a fan of a jacket in summer, a turtle is a great substitute. It has long been no secret that vests and turtles began to replace jackets for the summer. Plus, it’s never too late to match your turtle with your original jersey.

“Back protection equipment – what to choose from?”

On the question of motorcycle pants – for the summer they are well replaced by lighter ones motorcycle jeans… The level of protection, of course, is in the necessary aisles. Abrasion resistant materials, special pockets for protective inserts,

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Hand protection

Moto gloves… Light textile options, as well as short motorcycle gloves for the summer, will do just right. The air will blow under the sleeve of the jacket, creating additional ventilation.

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If you have chosen a motorcycle vest, then it can be supplemented with elbow pads.

Leg protection

Motorcycle footwear. If you are not an athlete, then short boots are a worthy option. In addition, for purely urban wanderers, the list includes sneakers


Summer heat is not a reason to give up protection. Manufacturers have taken care of the comfort of the pilots and have created quite comfortable options for the summer that can be combined with each other.

A selection of equipment in case of hot weather.

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