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What to buy first: gear or motorcycle

The question of what to buy first – equipment or a bike – may seem philosophical from the category of “chicken or egg”. This year I often talk with different motorcyclists about equipment, experience of use and their preferences, but the tendency of beginners who start to tell me: “I will buy a motorcycle first, and then I will pick up something from the crew!” Frightens me.

Let’s take a closer look at this question, what is more correct to buy first?

First bike

It is not for nothing that I focus on the opinion of the first seasons about the availability of equipment. Experienced motorcyclists have a permanent set of protection for their not the first motorcycle years. Therefore, when changing a motorcycle, they are puzzled by the equipment, when it has already outlived itself or does not fit in the class, but otherwise they already have the equipment, so the question is not urgent for them.

But novice drivers find themselves in a position where it is not clear what to grab onto, because at once you need to pay not a small amount – for a bike and for equipment. For some reason, few people immediately add additional expenses to this list, such as insurance, replacement of consumables and unexpected repairs (if the motorcycle has already seen more than one novice driver in this life), transportation costs (if the bike is delivered from another city). By the way, this is also a topic for discussion, because only an experienced driver can objectively afford to ride from another city on an unfamiliar motorcycle for the first time. Who wants to get stuck in the middle of an unknown road on the side of the road, because something has flowed in the motorcycle and these are definitely not tears of joy. With unfamiliar bikes, breakdowns happen in the wilderness, and the likelihood of standing on the track with an outstretched hand is too great when your experience is very short-lived against a backdrop of overconfidence and ambition.

Reasons to buy a motorcycle first:

Don’t know what they want

Equipment should be bought for the anatomical features of a person, with a discount on his riding character and the class of the motorcycle. It is logical that if the driver takes a motorcycle jacket model, where a direct fit and an accurate calculation for tourism, then riding a sports motorcycle in it will not be very comfortable and productive. Likewise, if you have a one-piece sports motorcycle suit – in your right mind and a clear memory in it, you will not board a cruiser.

So, when a motorcyclist still does not represent not only a model, but even a class, he does not buy equipment in advance, since there is nothing to combine it with. There are first-seasons who know exactly the color of the bike they want, but whether it will have a sporty fit or a straight fit like a standard road builder is unclear. Uncertainty forces you to try different motorcycles, and before that postpone the hike for new clothes or look after something from a very wide circle. They buy a helmet on duty at most.

Very limited budget

This is a real problem. A huge number of people begin to count the total price tag for a complete set of protection and think:

– But with that kind of money, I can buy a cooler bike if I don’t put everything in equipment!

And then Ostap suffered … “less a liter is not a motorcycle”, more, more powerful, angrier … and the equipment is considered for delivery on the basis of the leftover principle. It is the biggest mistake to invest everything in a motorcycle, because the evaluation of the bike by other participants in motorcycle culture comes to the fore. But after all, a motorcyclist on an expensive bike in poor equipment looks like a bum on a Mustang, and the question immediately arises, is this his “horse”? The gloating will begin:

– Was there not enough money for equipment?

And it would be okay to be caustic jokes, but what is the point of taking an expensive bike and not having good equipment, which is very necessary when rolling in a new motorcycle? While the driver is getting used to new conditions for himself, he can make stupid mistakes or make them out of ignorance of the peculiarities of the motorcycle’s behavior.

Buying a motorcycle and equipment from the last money is not worth it, saving on your safety is also not worth it. If you want to make the impression of a wealthy motorcyclist, let me tell you a secret – equipment matters too. You don’t have to take the most expensive one – it is enough to choose a high-quality one that can protect, give the desired level of comfort and functionality.

The right approach

The correct answer to the question “what to buy first” can be two options:

– First, they buy equipment, at least the minimum basic set.

– Buy both a motorcycle and equipment at the same time.

You can call me a nerd or an overly meticulous person, but it seems to me that reliable equipment is better than exorbitant expenses on treatment after an accident, and then on repairing a motorcycle afterwards. It is better to get off with fright and repair the bike in case of a fall – there, any part can be ordered and rearranged painlessly, not counting the cash injections, from which sometimes you also want to cry. In any case, you can change the fork or wheel without any problems for your health, and unwillingness to attend to the equipment is a one-time action, which as a result nullifies most of the work in one second oversight.

At the time of training in a motorcycle school, from the very first lessons, you should analyze the choice of a future motorcycle and equipment. To do this, there are instructors who, with each stream of students, answer standard questions, because the students have the same problems. Everyone wants to know “where the pheasant is sitting”, and which one is cheaper and better. Ideally, an instructor will advise on both gear and motorcycle. This practice is ubiquitous in motorsport, such as motocross. When a student just comes to study, everything should start with the coach, because when a beginner himself grabs a motorcycle and equipment without experience, problems begin.

The following strategy will be the most logical and correct:

– Assess the possibilities and desires, thus determine the class of the motorcycle and the amount to buy the bike;

– In the selected price category, look for models that suit you by anatomical features – take into account your height and weight, the ability to adjust the motorcycle suspension and customize it for yourself. You can really find all this in manuals for motorcycles, or even easier – spend time communicating with experienced and seasoned motorcyclists;

– Find the required models “live”, sit on them, understand how convenient it is;

– Start purchasing equipment for the selected model, at least – helmet, gloves, motorcycle jacket, motorcycle boots, motorcycle pants.

– And already with this set of protection, you can run in a new motorcycle.

Safety should always come first. Yes, I want to invest more money in a motorcycle, because he is the sponsor of adrenaline and high-speed movement around the city, but it’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes, and not from your injuries.

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