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What to do if you fall off a motorcycle?

Rumor has it that any motorcyclist at least once in his life, but fell. What to do when you realize that the fall is inevitable? Let’s discuss.

Falls can be broadly divided into two groups:

  • Controlled fall
  • Unexpected sharp drop

In the first case, it is the result of your resistance. Either you tried to save the situation to the last, or the speed was low enough to maneuver. You understood that you were falling and prepared for it.

In the second case, we are talking about an accident, demolition of a wheel or the intervention of a foreign object.

In a controlled fall, you have a few seconds to realize what is happening, mentally prepare and possibly calculate further actions. Sometimes, the pilot even manages to trivially jump off the motorcycle in order to minimize his own injuries.

In case of an instant fall from a motorcycle, one has to realize what is happening already lying on the asphalt, head over heels in the trail of the motorcycle.

Don’t panic

The most basic rule that will stand at the head of any list of actions is not to panic. If you are scared, it will be difficult to control what is happening. Therefore, you need a cold mind, detachment from fear like air.

Relaxed but in control of the body

The logical reaction of the body is grouping. The right thing to do when falling will be to group, pull up your head, squeeze your hands at your chest or head. One but. If at the time of the fall you are tense like a string, then the likelihood of injury increases. Have you ever wondered why drunk people sometimes fall better than the most seasoned fighters, do not break anything for themselves when they suddenly go to the ground and are able to fall asleep in any position that the most experienced yogi envy? Their bodies are relaxed under the influence of alcohol.

Your task is to keep the grouping, but not to meet the blow from the asphalt with straight arms or legs. Even a professional fighter, falling into a somersault, will never fall on a straight arm or leg, he will extinguish the energy of the blow due to the movement of the body after touching the ground. Disperses energy throughout the body. The task of the grouping is not only to save itself from direct blows to vulnerable places, but also to extinguish the blow with the whole body at a time.

Behavior after a fall

After the fall, inertial motion begins. I do not know about you, I personally have always been bothered by the cars rushing after. What if someone does not have time to brake?

In what to do after a fall, the starting point is the cause of your accident. If you fell and flew over the motorcycle, then your trouble will be a pile of metal rushing after. And do not hesitate, its mass will be enough to catch up with you. Therefore, if you fall in front of the motorcycle, you need to get out of the motorcycle path as soon as possible.

If you are on a slick ride and the bike is sliding in front of you, burning beautiful sparks with your expensive body kit, you need to increase your own traction as much as possible. In other words, slow down the inertia of movement as much as possible.

If you are being dragged behind the motorcycle, try to turn around so that you move your feet forward. This way you still have a chance to brake with your feet and even if you hit a motorcycle, to absorb a collision. When you slide forward with your head, you have no way to control your fall, and the blow from meeting an obstacle is unlikely to be rosy.

Try to avoid slipping into somersaults. When you start chatting and being thrown on the asphalt, you risk getting new bruises. Moreover, it is much more difficult to control a fall when moving head over heels than sliding.

When the fall is over

When your fall and slide is over, do not rush to jump up. You still don’t know what kind of injuries you got. Sudden movements can do you a lot of damage. It may be that the pilot receives a fracture from the blow, but because of the painful shock, he does not immediately realize this. If he immediately gets up to run to a motorcycle or to someone, then the fracture will develop into a complicated case.

When the fall has stopped, freeze for a couple of minutes. Your body needs this time to feel what has happened, to receive feedback from each muscle. Start with a banal health check, stretch your fingers and toes, can you feel them? Then hands and feet, elbows and knees. From small muscles to large, from limbs to the center of the body. Try to take a deep breath, is there a sharp pain in your lungs?

Only after analyzing your well-being can you ascend SLOWLY.

Falling off a motorcycle is as controllable as any difficult maneuver. Another question is, at what speed do you fall? Here, as in a corner, less speed means more control. Do not lose your composure, trust your body, try to imagine where the motorcycle is moving in relation to you, so as not to collide with it. And of course, take care of yourself.

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