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What to take with you to Dalnyak? Part two

In the previous article, we considered equipment (“What to take with you to the” dalnyak “? Part one – equipment”), which will be useful on a journey. This time I suggest that you think about the necessary items, which may be vital in a distant person. Moreover, when you hit the road, you should take care not only of yourself or the passenger, but also of the motorcycle.

What do you need to take on a motorcycle trip?

The success of the trip depends on the condition of the motorcycle as much as on the weather conditions. What is the use of beautiful weather if you are standing somewhere in the middle of the field, contemplating a punctured wheel? Naturally, you can’t foresee everything, and you can’t drag a full cart with spare parts. It is logical that consumables or the most vulnerable blocks are most often affected in a motorcycle. From here comes a non-tricky list:

  • Wheel camera
  • Spark plug
  • Circuit breakers
  • Bulb
  • Chain lubricant

An advanced tourist will always look where along the way you can find a store with motorcycle parts, because according to the law of universal meanness, something always breaks down at the most inappropriate moment. What if you puncture a wheel somewhere on the track? And what if your fuses have worked all 1000% in the middle of a remote village, where the horse-fire is still the greyhound “Verkhovyna”, which remained as a monument on the wreckage of the general store? It’s easier with a light bulb, at least you can go without it! Both the camera and the candles do not take up much space. It is wiser to allocate one bag or wardrobe trunk for a motorcycle swag. It’s just that a breakdown far from the city is much more troublesome and problematic, so why not think over ways of retreat before leaving?

For chain lubrication. We talked about chains in the article (“Secrets of chain lubrication”). There is an opinion that after heavy rain or driving in a ford, and knee-deep, it is recommended to re-lubricate the chain.

The more you take care of your motorcycle chain, the longer it will last you.

There is an acute issue with gasoline. If you are driving along the route for the first time and did not bother to see the distance on the map between gas stations, then an incident may occur. I know a couple of routes when the situation is simply stalemate due to the fact that in such a hellish wilderness the distance between refueling was calculated, probably for a Boeing with refueling in the air! From here, if possible, it is advisable to find a place for:

  • Gas cans
  • Gasoline hose


You will need a tool on the road. Whether you like it or not, it’s even trivial to tighten the bolts and nuts that treacherously unwind from shaking – you need. Moreover, how will you fix the motorcycle problem if there are no available tools?

  • Spanners
  • Screwdriver
  • Electrical tape / thermal insulation
  • Clamps
  • Nippers / Pliers

Every motorcyclist pays attention to the size of the nuts on his motorcycle. You don’t have to lug the entire tool out of your grandfather’s garage, just know what dimensions you need. One screwdriver “plus” and “minus”, you will also be enough. Electrical tape and insulation are best friends on the road. As they say, there is nothing that cannot be repaired with duct tape. And thermal insulation will be useful if the wiring is damaged somewhere.

It is better to take clamps of different diameters, since it may be necessary to pull both, say, a branch pipe and a thin bundle of wiring.

On my own behalf, I will add a list that is not necessary to take, but in the stalemate of an atomic war, such trifles can help out very much:

  • Nuts and bolts most commonly found on your motorcycle model size
  • Coil of wires
  • Sealant

It makes no sense to take with you a full wardrobe trunk of bolts and nuts, it just happens that you did not notice, but one still fell. It doesn’t seem to matter, but the eye twitches. In such cases, why not put a couple of the most common bolts and nuts on your motorcycle with the tools? A couple of washers, by the way, will not be superfluous either.

A coil of wires is a controversial point, since it is not always used, but when your battery is discharged, and there is nothing to light a cigarette with, although there is someone, your ingenuity helps out. In general, a coil of wire is more functional than a coil of rope because you have more applications with the wire. The rope will not help you out in problems with the electrician, and if you suddenly have to tie something up, you can do it with a wire. And if you are not too lazy to take a light bulb with you, then with sleight of hand you have the opportunity to ring the elements of the electrical circuit. Well this is so, food for thought, the most experienced will begin to dodge: depending on which light bulb, depending on which elements …

Sealant. It stands in the same royal column as the duct tape. With its help, many troubles are eliminated, at least temporarily. No thread lock – sealant. The gas tank tap is leaking – sealant. In any incomprehensible situation – a sealant. A sort of plantain for all occasions. Motorcycle – no pain.

Necessary things for personal use

In addition to thousands of desperately necessary things, bags that already overload the motorcycle to the point of impossible, I want to highlight separately:

  • Antifog
  • Paper maps
  • First aid kit
  • Microfiber

Antifog is too often forgotten, but meanwhile it guarantees you good visibility on the road. You handle the visor or glasses with it and they do not sweat (“4 modern ways to prevent fogging visor”).

“Okay, but why paper maps, it’s the 21st century, ay,” someone will say with a smartphone in hand.

If you think that the 21st century guarantees the same level of civilization development everywhere, then I have bad news for you, friends. I remember how we went on an expedition across Karelia. The essence of our races is always the same – to get to a place where few people get. And now, three hours later, as we left the road into the forest, three navigators refused. No GPS could tell where we were. And the fourth one was sure that we were in the middle of the lake, although we were standing in a clearing and a moose from the pines was watching us fearfully. While we were restoring our route using paper maps in order to pinpoint the place, motorists made their way in our footsteps: participants in the Karelia Trophy races. This is how we learned that we had accidentally found ourselves on the race track. Oops.

Moral: navigators are not always a panacea, when you leave the route, there is a risk of being left without communication with the satellite.

The first aid kit is not even discussed. It is a must in a long-distance person.

Microfiber is required on halts, as an incredible amount of dust and dirt accumulates during the journey on the motorcycle and equipment. Well, do not erase them with your finger?


Completing luggage for a long distance depends on the distance of your trip, the weather and the condition of the motorcycle. You know the strengths and weaknesses of your motorcycle, which means that the necessary list of consumables lies with you. There is always a reason to play it safe and take at least the minimum set for repairs on the way and for the provision of medical assistance, as well as everything that will help you navigate the terrain. The rest of the set of household items, be it a charger for the phone, change of clothes, etc., everyone collects at their own opinion.

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