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What tool should every motorcyclist have?

Let’s think about what you need to have in the garage as a first and urgent aid tool? What is the minimum base you need to have on hand? In general, it is not difficult to notice that both motorcycle and car drivers are conventionally divided into two groups. The first ones who have absolutely any tool: to repair a motorcycle (their own, a neighbor’s, a passing one), a car, a submarine, a nuclear power plant and a flight to the moon, although it is possible that with a bit of ingenuity, all this can be done with one set of keys and a crowbar … Others, in addition to cricket and grandmother’s potatoes, have nothing special in the garage, because the technical side, as a rule, does not bother much, and in case of an unforeseen fire event, there is a service.

The latter often includes owners of very expensive or very smart motorcycles. It’s no secret that the level of electrics in modern motorcycles is sometimes such that it’s scary to get involved in any repairs on your own. It is one thing to disassemble a motorcycle on the knees, where there are 3-4 wires from the electrics, it is quite another when, to find a problem, you have to disassemble almost half of the bike, fearing of touching many sensors.

Also, drivers who do not have a full-fledged garage, but only have a parking space, do not get a lot of tools.

Do not forget to rely on the fact that, first of all, the selection of the tool is carried out according to the owner’s readiness to carry out repairs on their own. Many people advise taking such equipment to the garage that there is not only a CNC machine in the row. We will focus on the basic essentials list.

Screwdrivers, wrenches and ratchets

Probably someone will say – thanks, cap.

But wait: screwdrivers, wrenches and ratchets are all different. Besides, why should you have a complete set of everything in the world, if, for example, on European motorcycles there are mostly odd values, and the Japanese use mostly even ones. Ihmo, you can pick up a minimal, but absolutely working kit for your bike, which will be at hand, and not carry a huge suitcase from corner to corner.

Screwdriver the standard “plus” (cross) and “minus” (flat), it would be good to choose a couple of the most common sizes. Although, if we talk about a completely Spartan set of tools, a flat screwdriver is more profitable in terms of functionality. Therefore, if you need to go on a long journey and you choose what to take, then you can refuse the cross, because the flat one can replace it if necessary.

Ratchets are economical and have many additional options, besides changing heads, you get the opportunity to play with the length of the instrument by adding or removing links. Having a flexible adapter for hard-to-reach places is an undeniable bonus.

The ratchets have their opponents, because as soon as the mechanism breaks down, the whole set breaks down. However, this does not stop ratchets from living in every garage.

Try to choose screwdrivers with a technical hole in the handle. There will always be a bolt that does not want to give up its positions so easily, no matter how strong you turn out to be, how much WD40 you poured on it, and the salvation will be in the lever method. The lever is easy to come up with from improvised means, the work will be much easier when there is a technical hole in the screwdriver for it.

Indicator screwdriver. For those who like to tinker with an electrician – an extremely useful tool!

Spanners… There are also ratchet fans here who keep the most necessary head sizes for the nuts. But it doesn’t hurt to have an extra wrench, because sometimes the ratchet will not crawl into the right place, or it is necessary to fix the nut from the inside in order to unscrew the outer ratchet.

– And I have a wrench! – someone will say.

The option is working, only with an adjustable nut, again, not every nut can be crawled without problems.

The most ideal wrench, which has an open grip on one side and a closed one on the other. The bottom line is that the closed one slips less often, but when the nut is in an unsuccessful position, sometimes you cannot put a wrench on it entirely, then the open one saves.

Another benefit of the closed wrench is that it can be used as a lever stop. Practical.

Especially wealthy and righteous motorcyclists have in use torque wrench… Its essence is to tighten the connections with the exact force recommended by the manufacturer.


The need for polyhedra depends on the motorcycle assembly methods, they are not required everywhere, but according to the law of meanness, just put it out of the bag and something will surely fly out, where screwdrivers are useless and a wrench is not an assistant.

Tongs, pliers, pliers, wire cutters

The set of such a tool depends on the degree of your willingness to get involved in the repair of the bike. The most necessary tool for the layman in this case is pliers… Pliers have more functionality than pliers, wire cutters, or forceps.

Another question – will you be removing the retaining rings or pins? If so, then you should look for a special tool for these purposes – circlip remover.

Hint – for advanced complex cases, sometimes a medical instrument is suitable, for example, we had a situation when it was necessary to disassemble the engine, and the connecting rod mount on the crankshaft was additionally fixed with a pin in such an inconvenient place that not a single working tool could reach there. Long medical forceps with a curved nose came to the rescue. Subsequently, with their help, it turned out to be many times faster to get studs from hard-to-reach places, and of foreign objects from narrow pipes.

If you are not averse to working with an electrician, then you can add to the pliers crimping tool for stripping wires, wire cutters… But how often do you need it? On the other hand, it is better to have one than to search for a long time when the time is right!

Hammer / mallet

You are unlikely to carry this with you, but to put it in the garage in case – why not. A hammer for rough work, and a mallet for more delicate tasks.

Rigger and Spoke Keys

In case you know how and are not afraid to disassemble the wheel, so as not to spoil either the tire or the disc, it would be good to have for such adventures assembly

Spoke keys will be required when you have spoked wheels, because the spokes require maintenance, tightening.

Stops and tackles under the wheels, many make themselves from improvised means, as well as the assembly, by the way, from scrap. When it is necessary to lift the motorcycle with a separation of the wheel during repair work – it is used jackwhen it is not possible to resort to more professional methods. By the way, do not forget to fix the bike additionally, because it is dangerous to carry out repairs on a jack without a safety net.

Pump / car compressor and gauge

Pressure gauge needed to measure tire pressure. The correction in pressure must necessarily depend on the nature of the road surface, for example, if you drive on sand / mud for a long time. Even if you just have doubts about the integrity of the rubber, the pressure gauge will help here too.

Pump or car compressor appears in almost every garage, although if you do not go far out of the city all this can be found at gas stations and tire service.

Candlestick, Compressometer and Probes

Candlestick – an essential item. It makes sense to carry it with you, since you will still use it clearly more often than a mallet or a montage.

Compressometer – A useful tool if you want to monitor the compression level in the engine. Not everyone uses it until there is reason to wonder if the engine is okay?

Valve adjustment dipstick set – Another extremely useful adaptation that does not require a huge cash injection, but helps in tuning the motorcycle.

The list can be continued for quite a long time, both with a more weighty instrument and with measuring instruments such as a voltometer. We have selected the most necessary list that will help even a beginner to fix a regular breakdown. Of course, if you were expecting to see a pipe bender here to make safety arcs on your own, then this is not the list.

In a separate article we will consider chemistry, other useful household items for the garage and consumables, so if you have already started wondering where are the ubiquitous cans with boots, nuts and repair kits for motorcycle tires in the list, and why not a word about electrical tape, then wait for the next article !

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