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What will help raise the level of driving to professional?

What separates a professional motorcyclist from a beginner? Not the cost of a motorcycle, not the experience of having a driver’s license and not a big name among a wide circle of acquaintances. A professional motorcyclist has a set of skills that help him to competently get out of unpleasant and unexpected situations, regardless of the weather conditions on the road, the power and the brand of the motorcycle.

Any driver, even after a few years, may notice that his knowledge is not enough: in some circumstances he gets lost or is afraid of losing control. Many of us make mistakes without even knowing it, because we are used to driving the way we learned ourselves.

What will help raise the level of driving to professional?

  • Technical savvy
  • Practice and practice skills
  • Experienced gaze

Technical savvy

The more you know about the principles of the motorcycle, its individual components and their interaction with each other, the better you will understand the behavior of the bike as a whole and its capabilities. For example, you learned that the suspension is loaded and compressed during braking – when the front brake is applied, the balance of the motorcycle shifts to the front wheel, and when squeezing the rear wheel to the rear wheel, although it is already loaded with traction. And here is the answer to the question of why the front brake is considered as the main one.

When you understand how the suspension responds to braking, the urge to squeeze and throw the levers disappears. You start to think about when to use the front or rear brake is the most logical and beneficial. Beginners often use only one brake, because it is more comfortable for them, they are afraid or do not know how to choose the method of braking in accordance with the road conditions. But it is never too late to train yourself and learn something new!

Then you find out that the rear wheel has a larger contact patch than the front. It becomes clear why the use of only the rear brake helps not to fall in corners, and the combined braking always starts with the rear brake and is complemented by the front brake – most effectively when stopping from higher speeds.

Thus, you do not have to memorize the features of motorcycle handling, you will begin to navigate them based on the structure of the motorcycle and the training will go much faster.

Practice and practice skills

  • Maneuvering
  • Emergency braking
  • Hanging
  • Counterweighing

A skill can be considered completed when it turns into reflexes. In dense city traffic, for maneuvering or emergency braking, every second is more expensive than gold. The flow rate makes the ride predictable, but always someone will try to suddenly slip in front of you at a red light or will not notice the bike in the aisle. You will be protected by the speed of reaction and the correctness of actions.

In urban conditions, you have to maneuver at low and medium speeds in a confined space, for example, in a parking lot or in a traffic jam, in turns with a decreasing radius. Skills such as hanging and counter hanging will be effective here.

Hanging allows you to get a large, and most importantly safe radius when avoiding obstacles. Please note that you need to start hanging before turning, when the motorcycle is still in a relatively vertical position. Keep your arms relaxed so that you can safely maneuver and not lean the motorcycle too far behind you.

In counter-suspension, we tilt the motorcycle towards the turn, and the driver remains perpendicular to the road. At this point, you need good constant traction, but there is a risk of not being able to straighten the bike in case of a sharp obstacle.

It is best to practice skills on special sites, since doing this on public roads is fraught with the creation of an emergency.

Experienced gaze

To improve the level of driving, you have to draw information from different sources, but the fastest way is to turn to already recognized professionals. Experienced instructors will always notice mistakes, explain how to maneuver faster and more efficiently, when to use which brake, how to brake the engine correctly, avoid obstacles and masterly maneuver.

The MotoObraz motorcycle school has been preparing motorcyclists for various road conditions since 2011 and offers a 10% discount on the Partner Moto promo code for advanced training courses.

The course includes 5 lessons of 120 minutes each or 10 lessons of 60 minutes each.

Address: Yuzhnoportovaya street 28A, building 17, Moscow
Phone: +7 (916) 020-57-88

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