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What’s interesting about Icon for everyday wear?

Icon’s outfit always stands out in the city with bright and interesting prints, and has also proven itself among fans of street racing. It is undeniably one of the most original motorcycle clothing brands. We discussed the peculiarities of the company’s approach to work in the article “Why Motorcyclists Choose Icon?”

Does Icon offer only helmets, jackets and basic protection kits? What should fans of the brand do outside the motorcycle? What if I want to have something of Icon in my daily life?

Icon has thought about it!


Icon is famous for its helmets that combine quality and bully style. What does the company offer besides them?

  • Caps
  • Shawls
  • Buffs
  • Comforters

Comforters and buffs are an expected offer for an outfitting company, but caps and scarves are already an interesting idea. When your clients are active people, why not offer them bright details for their daily life? Shawls that can be worn as a bandana, as a bandage, used as intended or simply to complement the image. Echoes of the style are recognized in the designs of the scarves and cap designs. Thoughtful solutions in the form of a cap visor, perforated inserts in some models, the selection of materials is in line with Icon’s policy.


Every self-respecting company will take care of gifts for their fans, because if a person wears clothes with a logo, then he accepts it, you will not wear a T-shirt with a slogan or motto that contradicts your outlook on life.

Icon manufactures:

  • T-shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Shirts

It is noteworthy that the company pays most of all attention to cut and material, those who were waiting for the extravaganza of colors will find restrained laconic proposals.

– Why not a riot of color? Where is the brightness – gouge out your eyes or drawings in the style of street graffiti? – a question creeps in from those who adore Icon drawings.

The fact is that the style of drawings, which is so attractive on helmets or jersey, in the working conditions of a busy active person may be a little superfluous. Just imagine, you are in a hurry to a meeting, you need a T-shirt that will look good with the same leather or textile jacket, combined with jeans and at the same time look dignified, without extremes. This is how their T-shirts and shirts are made. Everything is clear, to the point, simple, but tasteful. These things shouldn’t scream, they should complement you.

Style is in the details. The cut enhances the figure. We see securely stitched edges. Materials are selected with an emphasis on wear resistance, and the pattern is made with the expectation of frequent washing.

Optional accessories

We had the topic of gifts for motorcyclists (“Top inexpensive gifts for motorcyclists”). A few more solutions from Icon can be added to this list:

  • Belt
  • Purse
  • Trinket

Stylish leather goods with accessories from accessories look quite solid. It should be noted that the Icon 1000 line generally includes many items for people of different lifestyles, united by a sense of style. Trumpy leather wallets, secure belts or neat keychains .. why not?

To be on top of it, you don’t have to have a motorcycle comparable in price to an airline’s liner, you don’t have to get up on the rear wheel at every traffic light, you just need to develop in the direction you choose and have your own face, which is what Icon works for.

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