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When and for what reasons is it time to upgrade your equipment?

The change of equipment is very perplexing for motorcyclists, since the choice of models on the modern market is quite large. As a rule, the pilot changes his equipment gradually – as it is worn out and financially feasible. A complete change of uniforms is smooth. They buy equipment at once in case of radical changes, emergency cases, after an accident, for example.

The main reasons for changing equipment:

  • Crash
  • Wear
  • Doesn’t fit
  • Change motorcycle class
  • Morally outdated
  • Equipment care errors


When the equipment has fulfilled its intended purpose and saved your mortal body at a life-threatening moment, it often has to be changed, if not entirely, then partially. It is not for nothing that they say that after a fall, even an outwardly not very deformed helmet is replaced. Remember, yes, that protective elements such as helmets, knee pads or elbow pads, and other inserts damp the impact force with intermediate layers, not external ones.

A jacket or trousers can still be worn after an accident if they have not worn off into tatters, but it makes sense to replace the protective inserts for the same reason as a helmet. The question is in the force of the blow, if the fall was serious, then the intermediate layers extinguished the force of the blow and the next time they can work out with much less success.


Everything in the world has a margin of safety and, unfortunately, it is not infinite. Equipment wears out – over time it loses its properties. On average, manufacturers recommend changing equipment every five years. But it’s not uncommon to see a street racer who is not ready to part with his favorite jacket after five years. The outfit does not wear out evenly, something breaks down faster, for example, like gloves, but something can be worn for a long time.

The strength level is highly dependent on the materials and their thickness.

Doesn’t fit

The problem for adolescent riders and people prone to rapid weight gain / rapid weight loss. Since the equipment must fit snugly to the body, it happens that after the winter break, the usual equipment becomes small, since you gained excess weight over the winter.

Teenagers, boys and girls, often grow out of their equipment. Hence the need to change the complete set of protection. It also deforms during wear, especially for the skin. It is foolish to buy equipment “for growth”. The selection of equipment focuses on “here and now”, and not on the body, which is likely to come later. Change of protection due to mismatch in height and sleeve lengths is a very common situation.

Change motorcycle class

It happens that after the first season you realize that you are tired of landing a sports bike and you want to get out of your leather overalls or an ordinary city bike is too bland, you want pepper in motocross / enduro / stunt riding.

Each type of motorcycle requires its own set of equipment based on the characteristics of using / riding them. It happens that a pilot has several protective kits for each motorcycle class and riding season. If you are changing the motorcycle class or planning to engage in motor sports, then you need to adjust the protection kit for the new direction of motorcycle life.

Morally outdated

It’s a matter of style. It happens that workable equipment becomes obsolete not physically, but morally. Someone is chasing the brand and the novelty of the lineup, while someone is simply tired of the current equipment and wants changes. On the roads, there are motorcyclists who are fan of original design solutions in equipment, but someone just wants to match the appearance with a new motorcycle or its tuning.

Equipment care errors

A sudden change of equipment is coming if you suddenly decide to dry a leather set on a heater or wash new thermal underwear with powder in a washing machine. We discussed clothing care earlier in the articles:

“How to take care of textile trousers?”

“How to take care of leather equipment?”

When you violate the rule of equipment care, you risk ruining it, membrane fabrics may lose their properties. Thermal underwear and cooling underwear, if washed incorrectly, cease to warm or cool, and leather items quietly retaliate with cracks and deformation.

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