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Where to put your old motorcycle helmet after buying a new one

Replacing a motorcycle helmet is an individual process. Someone can easily part with an old helmet, because a replacement has already been found. Someone is forced to give up their favorite helmet after a serious accident. Still others are just thinking about replacing one with another, after several years of use. The reasons for replacing equipment are different, from the unpleasant consequences of an accident, to banal obsolescence.

What to do with a helmet that you no longer need? Consider the options for the development of events!


The simplest solution is to put the helmet up for sale. There are plenty of free classifieds sites for this. An honest description will be required from you, as keeping silent about the actual state of the helmet can cost someone their life. If the helmet is after an accident, it is better to admit it right away.

A recyclable helmet is sought after by motorcyclists who cannot afford an equally good new helmet. There is nothing to worry about if the equipment has not outlived itself and is capable of performing its direct function.

A helmet after an accident will come in handy for someone as a decorative item. Broken helmets are also in demand and go for a penny into the hands of designers, artists and other creative personalities.

Decor and field for experimentation

Helmets become an original piece of jewelry in the right hands. They add color to the surroundings. Traditionally themed places such as bars, motels, clubs are adorned with gas tanks and motorcycle helmets. The helmet turns into an exhibit.

On the question of decor: any motorcycle helmet is a potential canvas for an airbrush artist. An unnecessary or broken helmet will serve as a base on which a novice specialist is not afraid to stuff his hand, make mistakes and repaint ten times.

Training projectile

The helmet can really be turned into a training equipment not only for artists. Rescue courses, for example, teach how to properly remove a motorcycle helmet from an injured driver. If the helmet does not sell for a long time or money is not so important, you can donate the equipment for the benefit of society. Let the future rescuers practice removing the helmet on your old one.

You can also donate a helmet to a motorcycle school. Of course, many students have their own equipment, but district schools are not always rich and, perhaps, will not give up a whole, albeit old, helmet for the first classes of students who have not yet acquired protection.

Start up for spare parts

Sometimes a helmet after an accident only needs a garbage chute, but before throwing it away, why not dismantle the “live” parts. As with any functional item, a helmet may need new mounts, a different lining, visor, deflector, spoiler. Why throw away what else is useful to someone? Another question is whether you want to do this.

Leave for passenger

The passenger also needs a motorcycle helmet. If you do not have it, and you change yours for a new one, then the old one can be set aside for the “deuce”. It is important not to forget that the helmet must remain reliable. To give the passenger protection that does not protect him – to risk someone else’s life and health.

Take advantage of promotions

There are shops that accept equipment in exchange for a discount. Most often, this service is used by owners after serious accidents, because the equipment after an accident suffers noticeably, and you need to update your wardrobe immediately – the season continues. In order not to waste time selling equipment, motorcyclists bring it and immediately receive a discount on a new purchase.

By the way, Partner-Moto also has such an action. For details of its conditions, see HERE.

Together with a new set of equipment from “Partner-Moto” you will receive all the necessary documents to reimburse its cost from the insurance company in case of another trouble on the road.

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