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Why is the Akrapovic exhaust system so good?

A relatively young company, the date of foundation of which can be considered 1990. Akrapovic develops exhaust systems for motorcycles and cars. Its creator, motorcycle racer Igor Akrapovich, implements his experience in the mass production of technological tuning systems from the best materials. It is not surprising that Akrapovic systems hold an honorable place in motorsport and have already established themselves in motorsport.

Materials for Akrapovic

Akrapovic relies on technology and quality materials. Therefore, the company’s developments are based on three pillars:

  • Titanium
  • Stainless steel and aluminum alloys
  • Aviation, ultra-light heat-resistant carbon

Akrapovic prides itself on its engineering team, which carries out hundreds of dozen developments for each exhaust system model. The project starts with 3D modeling. Each working model goes through multiple tests. Naturally, they all go through the baptism of fire on the race track. How else to understand all the pros and cons of the exhaust system, if you do not give the opportunity to work out to the maximum? Not a single Akrapovic civilian exhaust went past the racetrack.

Motorcycle racing is the main engine of progress in the motorcycle industry.

Style, quality, details

In addition to high technologies, Akrapovic pays great attention to the design of its projects. There is no exhaust that looks bad. If you pay attention, the company quite often collects awards for design and attention to detail. So in 2014, the Evolution Line Titanium titanium exhaust won the prestigious design award “Best of the Best Red Dot Award 2014”.

Today, Akrapovic cooperates with almost all the top companies in the motorcycle world, has a huge number of developments and is able to offer interesting options for every taste and color. The role of a successful supplier and designer of exhaust systems has already created a strong belief that Akrapovic makes real quality.

And yes, those who value sound first and foremost in exhaust systems will not be disappointed here either. The fact is that the engineers who are lauded for developing the gas dynamics of the system do not miss the timbre of the motorcycle voice obtained during operation. The developers carefully adjust the exhaust sound to the noise levels.

Naturally, all tailpipes are fully equipped with the latest developments from decibel killers to the ability to adjust the power valve. Full care of the sound level and environmental friendliness of the exhaust.

Since the mass production of exhaust systems implies that the company has special equipment and a well-functioning system, it should be noted that each of their models in production is calculated with amazing accuracy. You won’t find crooked welds or oblique bends after the CNC machines that Akrapovic uses.

Increase in power

As for the increase in power, Akrapovic is famous for its beautiful numbers, after which I really want to believe in miracles. And these are not fairy tales. As the company specializes in professional racing, a holistic exhaust system is also aimed at minimizing energy loss when exhausting exhaust gases from the cylinder. The main burden in this difficult work of increasing horsepower falls on the power valve. Its essence is that the reflected flows of gases do not fall into the cylinder ahead of time, but return in the form of a reflected wave strictly at a certain moment.

Conclusion: if you are considering whether to buy a tuned development from Akrapovic, then there is even nothing to guess! Akrapovic is so successful in the motorcycle industry that it has long been an indicator of good taste. The only drawback that has worn out against the background of such a number of pluses is the price of the issue, and then, a really reliable exhaust system will not be cheap, and Akrapovic is quite loyal in price to its brothers on the Autobahn, although sometimes it seems that the price tag grins at your wallet.

Moreover, due to the popularity of Akrapovic, if necessary, finding small parts for replacement is, in principle, not very difficult. Especially when you consider that the company is in every possible way on the side of the consumer.

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