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Why should newbies go to the official opening of the motorcycle season?

The official opening brings together an unrealistic number of participants every year. Every now and then friends ask you: will you go to the opening? And still, the event is really interesting. Experienced people decide for themselves whether to go or not, but most still come, at least for the company.

Beginners, on the other hand, often have strong doubts about whether to go. It is necessary, but why?

Become part of the culture

The first thing, which is why it is necessary to appear at the official opening at least once, is the awareness of oneself as a part of the general culture. The desire to be involved in something greater is one of the hidden needs of a person, so people join different communities, create clubs, and so on. The concept of “a motorcyclist to a motorcyclist is a brother” is felt as well as possible before the general departure, when you come and see how incredibly many of you there are!

This is the moment when your motley rumbling column is recognized in the city as real road users. Motorists quietly rage while the traffic police block the road along the route of the convoy. Pedestrians turn around and wave at you happily, mentally noting that they themselves would like to participate. For horseless people there is an opportunity to sit down with someone in two and visit this stream.

Participation in the opening of the motseason is a good reason to make new friends

For motorcyclists, especially beginners, connections in the motorcycle world are important. Of course, it is not a fact that you will find companions-in-arms this very second simply “because”, but you cannot think of a better reason to strike up an acquaintance.

When a beginner does not have a company to travel with or familiar motorcyclists who understand what life on two wheels is, novice pilots, even with great potential, may simply be disappointed in their choice. To prevent this from happening, it is imperative to have at least a couple of good friends.

Communication, comparison, conclusions

A general meeting is an ideal opportunity to gather information. You will learn from other drivers how the situation on these or those roads, you will learn the impression of using this or that equipment and the most delicious – you can touch the motorcycle of your dreams. In such a large cluster, you will surely find a model that will make your heart beat faster. And here you will see it live and talk to the owner, learn how the motorcycle behaves and how expensive its maintenance is.

Since everything is learned in comparison, a beginner will simply scatter his eyes at such a huge stream of different motorcycles and equipment. But you can, albeit visually, compare how different motorcycles behave, how comfortable the fit is in them, how pleasant the sound of their exhaust is.

I will add on my own. Not everything is as rosy as it seems. I’ll be lying if I don’t warn you about one small detail. If you are a beginner and your bike is not big, and you didn’t come from the RSBK track, and the model is not the latest development from Ducati, then you may face a prejudice. I do not presume to judge all the cities of the country, I judge by my travels. We are all human, so the principle of “being greeted by clothes” does not go away. Sometimes, aspiring motorcyclists return in frustration because they have not been taken seriously or have been brushed aside by some genuinely pressing issue for a first season rider. Friends, do not be offended, please. Understand that many professionals this day have already been surrounded by a young crowd of interested ones who constantly ask the same questions: like a bum, whether it is expensive, is it expensive, and so on. In your first season, you come to declare yourself as a part of this world, but that does not mean that you will respond with open arms. This is especially true for clubs, quite a few newcomers crashed against the wall of alienation in their first season, when they thought that they would be easily accepted into their ranks like that.

The story of one of the participants will be a breath of inspiration. Not everyone was given a motorcycle easily, not everyone was helped by parents or friends. Someone really made money with blood on their powerful and cool motorcycle, yes, the one you are now looking at with such big eyes. Those who remember how they started themselves will be really open and kind and they always share their experience.

An example from life. My first motorcycle season was just terrible, because my city is one of the poorest regions in the country, it is very, very difficult to buy a good motorcycle here, simply because of the level of the economy. Hence the logical division, expensive foreign cars are owned by experienced experienced adults, and the young generation makes do with simple and old motorcycles, some of which are assembled on their knees from different donors. In my first year, I had a very old motorcycle, which barely worked out its 250 cubic meters of an in-line engine, was repaired longer than it went, at the opening of the season my questions about repair were answered only by laughter, they say it’s easier for you to burn it than to do it, girl on a motorcycle … that.

Some of the newcomers could not start at the start, because there was no kickstarter in the configuration, and the generator simply betrayed. And so, the most experienced and tough players left in a column, leaving the green first seasons to solve their technical problems. Because it is not a lordly business to help old Sibikha and Bros. It was terribly insulting.

The pilot helped out, on a liter Honda, when we returned to the city disappointed. He told how in his first season he bought it, as we, an ancient motorcycle, but with a welded frame. And this frame cracked right during the motocross in honor of the opening. The front wheel went forward, the rear wheel went backward, and he collapsed along with the engine in the middle! The guy did not give up, restored his motorcycle over the summer and arrived at the stock to close. They recognized him and greeted him with joy, they say the guy did not give up.

What am I doing? In addition to what you will be a motorcyclist, this will be the motorcycle culture. As open as you are to your comrades, this will be the culture. If you are a beginner, the opening of the motorcycle season will set the vector of your direction, give you food for thought and possibly give you good friends. Do not ignore this event, do not miss the opportunity to get new experiences and learn the story of another motorcyclist.

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