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Yamaha and Fantic Motor partnership

Yamaha and Fantic Motor partnership

Vittorio Minarelli and Franco Morini founded Fabbrica Bolognese Motocicli (Bologna Motorcycle Factory) in 1951. The first products of the enterprise were engines – 125 cc motorcycle and 50 cc for mopeds. In the late 60s, the company took the name Motori Minarelli and began supplying motors to the friendly Italian brand Fantic Motors.

Minarelli engines have been installed on many scooter models from European manufacturers – in particular, Aprilia has equipped its most legendary models of motorcycles and scooters with special versions of Minarelli engines – from the younger Scarabeo, Area 51 to the large Pegaso. Also Minarelli were put on Yamaha scooters and motorcycles, and in 2002 Yamaha Motor Europe acquires the Bologna factory, keeping the existing contracts, of course.


Now let’s go back to our days. Fantic Motors is still quite successful in the market and still buys engines from Motori Minarelli, owned by Yamaha’s European division, and at some point decides to go into electric vehicles. Having decided to expand its presence in this market, the company felt a lack of experienced personnel, but instead of recruiting from outside, Fantic makes a cunning move and approaches the parent company of its gasoline engine supplier with an offer to buy back its shares. This deal was announced back in the fall, and now it has become known that the agreements have finally been signed. Fantic Motors will have at its disposal both the additional workforce in the person of the Motori Minarelli team and all their experience and knowledge in the field of powertrains, which will help Fantic in developing electric models.

Strengthening its partnership with Yamaha Motor Europe and the acquisition of Motori Minarelli represents an important step for Fantic Motor to further strengthen our position as a technology leader in the motorcycle, electric vehicle and personal mobility industry in Italy, ”said Fantic Motor Chief Executive Officer Mariano Roman. -We will work to further develop Motori Minarelli’s engine and electrical powertrain know-how, expanding the product line to offer Motori Minarelli consumers a competitive and cutting edge powertrain while ensuring that the MM team remains busy.

Fantic currently occupies a niche in the e-bike business, but the acquisition of Motori Minarelli will take an important step towards a full-fledged electric vehicle. Both brands have a full production cycle and proudly mark their products with the sign “Made in Italy”, so the new agreement will preserve and increase the employment of local specialists and local developments.

The deal will also ensure a secure future for Motori Minarelli in the Italian motorcycle industry, placing the company in an ideal position in the market for new business processes and expanding its operations and supply, ”said Eric de Saines, President of Yamaha Motor Europe.

Well, from the looks of it, Fantic is going electric. We look forward to e-Caballero from them!

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