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Yamaha opens a museum in Amsterdam

Yamaha opens a museum in Amsterdam

There will not be a word about immoral things in this story from Amsterdam, but do not rush to close the page. Amsterdam is not only legalize and red light, but also many great museums.

On September 25, 2019, Yamaha opened the Yamaha Motor Collection Hall here, the first museum for a Japanese motorcycle brand outside of Japan.

Yamaha Motor Collection Hall in Amsterdam

Perhaps a word “Museum” it is not entirely legitimate to use here, because this institution will not be publicly available (which, of course, is a pity). Yamaha, however, promises that the museum’s collection will be on display at a variety of European events. It turns out that it is rather a well-organized warehouse with qualified personnel who will store the collection between events. The President of Yamaha Europe announced that one of the goals of the establishment of the new institution is “to inspire our engineers and designers to new achievements”… So you can also consider it a great restroom for your own people.

The collection in Amsterdam includes stunning examples from different disciplines and generations. So, it will house Stefan Peteransel’s 1991 Dakar Yamaha YZE750, as well as the 2006 Motocross World Championship winner’s YZ450F motocross, Stefan Everts. But the real star of the collection will be Ben Spies’ Yamaha R1, which won him gold in the 2009 World Superbike. And, of course, in addition to unique “gold-bearing” devices here will be placed serial samples of products for the entire long and glorious history of Yamaha.

Of course, I would like the museum in Amsterdam to become public, but its very existence outside Japan is a grandiose step. Now that all these beautiful devices are located under one roof, the entire collection can be easily moved to another display area. And personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if Yamaha still does private tours for celebrities – this would be another step in the right direction.

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